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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Angie -

    I see that this is your first post - welcome to the Zendesk Community!

    We'll continue to keep this thread open for other users to vote on and add their comments to, and if enough people are interested it will get escalated up to our product teams for consideration.

    Thank you for providing your feedback!

  • Michael Curran



    this feature would be very helpful.  Is there no way a sound notification is generated for incoming email regardless of assignment?  Switching from outlook, this is a sorely missed feature.



  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi @.... Just to clarify -- you want the Zendesk Support browser agent window to play a sound when a ticket you're assigned has been updated or assigned? Or are you talking with the mobile app notifications? Please post additional details that you may have. This thread can be used for others to up-vote or add their own use cases for any feature request.

  • Artur Tsudik

    This feature would be incredibly helpful to me in Zendesk Support browser agent window

  • Dianne Lopez

    this is a helpful feature to include in the next  Zendesk update. If possible to set different sounds for medium , high and urgent tickets

  • Alliance Pharmacy Group

    Yes this would be helpful.  Like Chat sounds but for Support tickets - New and updated.

  • Stuart Rivers

    Yes, would be helpful!

  • Elizabeth King

    A sound notification is basically needed whenever an agent needs to do something - reply to a client's message. Otherwise, how are they supposed to know that they need to quickly reply to something in one of their 10 open tabs?

  • José de Jesús González Guzmán

    We are using Zendeks Support just for the whatsapp integration. For us it is very important to have a sound notification because the client expects immediate response on whatsapp. Please make this feature available! Thanks

  • Juan Moreno

    We need this too.

  • Ana Peres

    Precisamos desse recurso, todos os chats de e-mail quando recebemos a resposta de volta não nos notifica com som, nunca sabemos se aquele ticket tem resposta de e-mail, estamos contornando isso jogando tudo pra status em espera e vendo nas visualizações, mas é ruim demais pois nem todos os agentes conseguem ficar entrando nos em espera pra ver os que foram respondidos, por acabar priorizando os que vão chegando na fila em tempo real. Com a notificação de som a gente fica ciente que chegou a resposta do e-mail e consegue encaixar eles entre os atendimentos de chat em tempo real. Tentem por favor trazer o som de notificação sempre que o chat é atualizado com novas mensagens independente da origem da mensagem


    Translated to English via Google Translate, courtesy of the Zendesk Community Team:

    We need this feature, all email chats when we get the response back doesn't notify us with sound, we never know if that ticket has an email response, we're getting around this by putting everything to hold status and seeing in the views, but it's too bad because not all agents are able to get in on hold to see which ones have been answered, as they end up prioritizing those who arrive in the queue in real time. With the sound notification, we are aware that the e-mail response has arrived and are able to fit them among the chat sessions in real time. Please try to bring up the notification sound whenever the chat is updated with new messages regardless of the message origin

  • Mandy Howard

    Sound and visual cues are very important in the browser so as not to miss when a customer replies to an open ticket. With multiple open tickets, even if there is a sound notification, which ticket is the one that needs attention?

  • Maria


    We are also interested in this! If the Zendesk Support browser agent window could play a sound when a new ticket has been updated or assigned. 

    Thank you!
  • Louise Feaheny

    Definitely interested in seeing this as a feature! It would be really helpful to get a sound notification whenever a new or updated ticket came in, like the chat notifications. It's the only thing the Zendesk is really missing! 

  • Ash Turner
    Customer Success

    Hi Everyone! 

    It sounds like the Zendesk Product Team has this on their roadmap for 2022. Source from a duplicate Community Post on this topic that is more recent, and I have shared this feedback up to the team. 


  • De-De Herbert

    A sound notification, and or a push notification to email would be wonderful! I have to admit I am surprised that this isn't already available! 


  • Tiago Geraldi Mendes

    We are migrating the email inboxes of our agents to Zendesk.. And it's very hard for them to keep track of new interactions and updates on tickets. This feature would help a lot, for them to be notified with a sound, that something happened in one of their tickets.. 

    Could be in tickets that they were assigned, or tickets they are requesters as well (in case of internal communication, the requester is an agent, as sender).


    The cell phone app does that.. any new comment there's a beep. It helps me a lot to work in the computer with my zendesk inbox, and cell phone on the side, notifying of new messages.

    This sound notification would help a lot!

  • Roger
    Zendesk Luminary

    As an Agent who uses the web app audible notification of new and updated tickets would be very helpful in my day-to-day work. 



  • Elizaveta Pashkova

    Hi, Zendesk product team.

    Please, we all as you see kindly ask you to add sound and push-up notifications features for the browser version (web app) of Zendesk for the ticket system.

    It is extremely important for the day-to-day work of support teams to receive notifications about tickets received, about tickets marked Urgent and updates in tickets for team and for agents end etc.

    Support specialists have to check and update the tab all the time, and whether a new ticket has come, and whether a new response has come, does another agent need help, does the user need an answer right now?

    Most of the supports work not in the mode - I will give an answer when I get there, but as well as via SLA and in tickets which connected by channels like WhatsApp and Telegram where customers expect a response immediately. But actually mail tickets need this too. So all tickets system need that. 

    Without push notifications and without sound notifications, it is impossible to find out that a ticket has arrived for a team or for a specific agent. This makes the work of support specialists as difficult as possible. And also worsens its quality, since customers cannot get a response on time.

    Using third-party extensions or crutches like attaching a channel to a Slack are semi-working measures that practically does not help.

    The fact that notifications are in ZD chats and at smartphone app, but not in the ticket system in web is very frustrating and there is no logic at all.

    Also, I was sent to write here by Zendesk Support specialist without offering anything other than to write here and he just closed my request immediately. And as I see it, there are quite a few complaints about the lack of notifications. But why do you think that enough people have reached here, and they just didn't give up on this situation and just didn't write anything?

  • Paul Jacinto

    Hi Zendesk Team, You might consider adding these features. In our organization. we have a wall mounted monitor in from of 10 NOC Engineers 24/7 waiting and checking for the incoming tickets. We currently using google extension auto refresh to view if there are incoming newly tickets. However, if there will be a sound notification or a color coded bar that will change color whenever there is incoming ticket. This will be a game changer compared to other ticketing systems. Hope you might consider it.

  • Jake Diga

    Yep, don't know why this is not available in the first place. This is really needed

  • Rob Powell

    Is there any update for audible alerts of new tickets that come in?

    Most agents are tasked with many functions other than just taking calls and thus having a visual and audible alert to announce the arrival of a new service ticket or request is critical to ensure that the customer gets attention in a timely manner. Something that stays illuminated or visually present and an audible alert that continues until the ticket is taken by an agent or acknowledged by an on-duty agent. This is kind of like in a 911 center... When a new call comes in on the dispatcher's CAD, they get an audible and visual cue for new calls that continues until the dispatcher acknowledges the new call.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 Currently we use triggers to email the assignee when an update or ticket is assigned to them. However, if there was a sound or pop up then it would cut down on email traffic (move to automation if they don't respond in xxx hours)

  • Jillian Sanschagrin

    We would also enjoy this feature. Please keep us updated when it could be done!

  • Cameron Milne

    How is this not a feature??

  • Cameron Milne

    Considering it seems ZD are continuing to drop the ball on this one and continue to do so (it's only been 4 years..) has anyone found a reasonably priced third party app that fixes this???

  • Elizaveta Pashkova

    Cameron Milne, yeap, not perfect - but better then nothing)
    Slack integration with Zendesk for notifications got worse and now there are even more problems with notifications about tickets. Therefore, only Notify-me saves my team.

  • Stephen Whyte

    How about audio and popup notifications for incoming calls? We use a dashboard to view calls in queue, but if everyone is involved on other tasks then a call in queue can be missed. Does anyone have a best practice for this?

  • Robin

    In my eyes, it is completely unimaginable how a company that is supposed to be a leader in customer service does not offer its customers advanced support for sound notifications. In today's society, all customers want answers within a couple of seconds and that is also our motto, to answer all chats within 30 seconds. Just like any profit company, it is of the utmost importance that an employee does not sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a chat to come through. With just the little red dot next to the icon that looks like a bell, that's exactly what our employees have to do. Sound notifications only work if it is a new customer who sends a message. If a customer that you had a conversation with a couple of days ago asks a new question, you don't get a notification except for that little red dot next to the bell.

    Zendesk fix this ASAP if you claim to be a company that should facilitate customer service and be an industry leader. Had I known this before signing for a full year, I would never have chosen you. Dozens of people have requested the same thing above and you haven't even responded. I think you also need sounds notifications. It's very easy to miss that little red dot...

  • Casey Wyatt

    In my eyes, it is completely unimaginable how a company that is supposed to be a leader in customer service does not offer its customers advanced support for sound notifications

    Exactly -- I came from Intercom and it's standard to have a sound notification. You have to turn it off if you don't want to hear it. And they've had that for over 5 years at this point. It's bananananananas that this isn't, at minimum, something we can toggle on for ZenDesk


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