Display Call Length and Status time to ZenDesk Agent during call (Total Call Length, Hold Time, Available Time)



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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Thank you for your question. 

    We are currently undergoing an overhaul of Talk's Call Console. The request here is within the scope of our assessment. We expect to start rolling out changes to the Talk Console starting in Q2 2024. Thanks for your patience.


  • Gregory Ryan

    This is great to hear! Thank you for the notice.

    It may be early, but I'm curious if there is more information available about the overhaul you mentioned? Or when we can expect to hear more about what features are included?

  • Sam Goulet

    Hello Sean, do we have any pages that can be shared that outlines the upcoming changes? 

    Are you planning on adding any form of notification/alerts for call wait time? 

    For example if we have a SLA of answering all calls within 5 minutes, we'd like to generate an alert at the 4 minutes mark that alerts supervisors that there's a call that's being a SLA threat in the queue. 

    Monitoring the Talk console is just not sufficient, other solutions have alerts that basically gets generated based on a condition.


    This is a core feature that's missing from Talk and we'd like to know if this is going to get addressed in your update in Q2 2024?


    Appreciate any clarification we could please get. 

    Kind Regards!

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hi Gregory and Sam, thank you for your continued questions on this matter. Please note this has been logged for our PM team and they will look to reply as soon as they are able. Thanks again for your feedback!
  • Gregory Ryan

    Hey there! Following up on this request to see if this is still Q2 2024 roadmap planned and if there is any additional details available.


  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Gregory, thank you for your question. The information Sean shared is our most up to date at this time. However, I do want to point you in our community guidelines to call out that while we did share a general timeline for this function here, all of our timelines are subject to change and we will make sure to update you as soon as we know more information. Thank you for your follow up and we look forward having more information for you in the coming months.

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