Which time zone does Zendesk use?

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  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Are there any plans to set a different time zone per Brand?

  • Sebastian Kerekes

    Link "Talk timezone" at the top is broken.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for the heads-up, Sebastian! I'll let our Docs team know!

  • Aimee Spanier

    Fixed, thanks!

  • Josh Keller

    Since Zendesk assigns end-users' time zone as the account default zone and not based on the end-user's location for Talk and Text tickets, here's a workaround that folks might find useful. This trigger uses the end-user's phone number to assign the time zone via the Users API. Note that this doesn't account for multiple time zones in countries, but it's better than the default.

    You'll need to first setup an "HTTP target" extension like this... (note that the URL starts with https://)


    Then a trigger like this... 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing this, Josh! Would you have any interest in re-posting it as a community tip? That would give it more visibility, have it be indexed by search (posts are indexed; comments are not) and we can feature it in the monthly roundup.

  • Josh Keller

    Thanks, Nicole. I've posted it here.

  • Aswin Kannan

    The operating hours in chat doesn't adjust automatically as per Daylight Savings. We either have to adjust the operating hours or change the time zone to trick this. It is a HUGE oversight in my opinion where every software beautifully adjusts to Daylight Savings.

    Please don't come and say I have to post this under feedback. This is NOT a feedback, it is a godzilla sized bug.


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