Can I add a disclaimer to a specific ticket form in Help Center? Follow



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    Daniel Cooper

    This is an awesome tip.  Thanks for sharing! 

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    Vladan Jovic

    Really great tip! Thank you for sharing! Maybe one more thing from me:

    If you want to add more disclaimers to the page it's better to use Classes instead of IDs,

    so this part from the code:


    should be



    #disclaimer { color: red; }

    to this

    .disclaimer { color: red; }
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    Great suggestion, Vladan! One thing to look out for when using classes is specificity issues. If you're using the Copenhagen theme, there's some default styling that will override 

    .disclaimer { color: red; }

    so, for the Copenhagen theme, you'd need to use something like

    .form-field .disclaimer  {color: red;} 

     to have your styling show up in the form field!



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    Vladan Jovic

    Ahhh, good catch, Leah! 

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