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    Daniel Cooper

    This is an awesome tip.  Thanks for sharing! 

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    Vladan Jovic

    Really great tip! Thank you for sharing! Maybe one more thing from me:

    If you want to add more disclaimers to the page it's better to use Classes instead of IDs,

    so this part from the code:


    should be



    #disclaimer { color: red; }

    to this

    .disclaimer { color: red; }
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    Great suggestion, Vladan! One thing to look out for when using classes is specificity issues. If you're using the Copenhagen theme, there's some default styling that will override 

    .disclaimer { color: red; }

    so, for the Copenhagen theme, you'd need to use something like

    .form-field .disclaimer  {color: red;} 

     to have your styling show up in the form field!



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    Vladan Jovic

    Ahhh, good catch, Leah! 

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    Martin Lee

    This looks super helpful.

    One question, if I want this translated, can I use Dynamic Content to deliver the disclaimer text in different languages?

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    Wes Drury

    @Martin - That shouldn't be an issue.  If your more advanced you can add the dynamic text into the Settings Panel and that way you could easily change the dynamic content without touching your code.  I have an entire Dynamic Content section for this Zendesk site and set it all up in the Settings Panel so it could easily be modified or swapped out by someone non-technical.  If you would like to see how that looks let me know and I'll post a screenshot.

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    Martin Lee (Edited )

    I'm having some issues with this – I've changed the text in the following to be the name of the from but it doesn't seem to work. I'm wondering if this is because the from name is a dynamic content placeholder? Is it possible to identify by the Form ID instead of the name of the form?

    "Insert the name of your form to end users here"
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    Jenni Kovachevich

    Hi Martin,

    So it is true that the Dynamic Content would not work within the modify.js. However, if you take that same code and put it in on the Ticket Form template within a JS code block, with the Dynamic Content form name, that should still allow it to process! The JS can still go through on that template, and that way it will process it with the proper Dynamic Content ticket form name.

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