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    Tri Ardini (Edited )

    can I use RegEx on this section "Enter the URL of the page you want to trigger the custom tag"?

    I have problem on creating trigger for my app page, cz the page have unique string like or



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    Hi Tri - 

    At this time, our trigger conditions input fields do not support Regex. The closest option would be adding multiple conditions for different urls under Meet ANY of the following conditions and adding entries for both possible urls for the trigger to fire on. 

    Hope this helps! 

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    Tri Ardini

    Hi @Rebecca - 


    Thanks for your reply.

    I have too much unique url, so I think it's painful to registered all unique url on that condition. So, I think my problem can be some insight to discuss by you and your team, hopefully it can be next big update from Zendesk.



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