Editing your Help Center theme

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  • Sebastian Jensen


    I am currently setting up the helpcenter and i have customized it. 

    However, when clicking the Customize symbol now, I just get a blank page showing this in the subject bar:



    Can you help me?

    Best regards


  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Sebastian!

    I'm reaching out to you directly so we can troubleshoot this with you in detail.

  • Richard Thomson


    I too am trying to customize my design (which I used to be able to do fairly easily). I followed these new instructions to the part where I clicked on the Options menu and I have a bunch of choices, but none of them are Edit. I fear this has something to do with "Guide Professional or Enterprise" but I also can't see how to confirm my status, or figure out why it would have changed since I last made changes to this page. 

    Any pointers much appreciated


    Richard Thomson

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen

    Hi Richard

    There has been made a GUI change to the code editor button that we have not had updated on the documentation here.

    If you are on Guide Professional, Legacy or Enterprise you can click the theme thumbnail and you should see the "Edit code" button bellow the theme name as here:

  • Richard Thomson

    Sorry, I tried replying through the email I received. I guess that doesn't work. When I click on edit I get this:


    No sign of my code, or anyway to get to it?


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