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    I added custom organizational fields however I do not want my agents to have the ability to change the data in those fields. Is there a way to lock custom fields to prevent accidental changes made?

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    Anna Mae Alonzo-Casacop

    Hi Jackie, 

    I did some testing and the custom organization fields are only visible to your agents but they are not editable. Only admins can create and edit them. However, if you are on the Enterprise plan, depending on the permissions set on your agents' role, they can also edit and create these organization fields. You can find more information on Custom agent roles here.

    Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have other questions. 

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    Casey Dover

    Is there a way to change the order of these fields once they are established?

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    Colin Piper

    Hi Casey, you can just click and drag them up and down the list. 

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    Loreto Sanchez

    Hi. I have set some Organization and User fields as a drop box, and installed the User Data App, but the information shown on tickets are the tags, and not the Title.

    Is there a way to show also the Titles?

    For example: I created the Option with Title: "Level 1 client", but what's shown at this app on the ticket is the tag:


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    Andy Jobst

    Can I change the field type of an organization field that was added?  Another system change switched an ID field from only numeric to alpha numeric, so I need to change the corresponding field in Zendesk to be the same.  Thanks...

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    Hi Andy!

    Regretfully there's not a way to edit the type of organization field once it's been created; you would need to create and add a new organization field.

    If you like, you can use the organization fields API endpoints to help automate this task:

    Hope this helps!

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