How do I forward calls from Talk to a personal phone?

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  • Fairuz Nandi Damba

    Hi Claire,

    Im currently using Zendesk Talk trial version and trying to configure how to forward calls to my personal phone, is it possible to do it on trial version? Or I need to upgrade it?


  • Laurie

    Hello Fairuz,

    Yes, you can forward calls to your personal phone on a trial account! However, if you have an international phone number, you will need to reach out to our support team to help activate that for you.

  • Fast Sale Detailing PTY LTD

    Hi how do I do the initial set up? 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey there!

    I recommend you check out of Zendesk Talk resources, which contains a collection of links to all of our Talk documentation. You should find what you need there!

  • Alessandro Morelli

    Forward to (mobile) phone number is working only when agent is loged-in or also when agent is offline and not at the desk?

  • Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey Alessandro,


    So long as you have yourself set to Available in your last session in Zendesk (from a computer browser or phone browser) the Forwarding will work.  :)



  • Alison Strycula


    I can't figure out how to add my personal number. When I press the globe icon, It says my "Via Phone" is not configured.

    please let me know..Thanks!


  • Olena Sosyedova

    Hey Alison,

    To add the forwarding number, you will need to go to your agent profile (top right corner of the UI) and on the left side, you should see the option for Agent Forwarding. That would be where, you will need to add your personal number in order to receive calls via Phone :)

  • Charlie Smith

    I have successfully taken a phone call via forwarding to mobile. So if i want to then be available to take another call, but am not in the office to mark myself as 'available to take new calls' how does that work?

  • Brittany Brown

    "If your agents forward calls to a phone system where personal voicemail boxes are not an issue, you can disable this option so that agents are immediately connected to callers when they answer."


    How do we disable the Agent confirmation when forwarding?

  • Austine Hipol

    Hi Brittany!

    I'm glad you wrote to us. The "agent confirmation when forwarding" setting is hiding in Admin > Channels > Talk under the Settings page — you should see the toggle switch near the bottom of that page.

    I hope this helps! Happy to help if you have any other questions on this.


  • Græme Ravenscroft

    Is forwarding all-or-nothing? If a call comes in to my mobile phone, am I able to answer it through my browser or does it have to be answered via the phone?

  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Græme!


    If a call comes in to your mobile phone, the call must be answered to your mobile phone as Zendesk support browser already forwarded the call to your mobile phone.

    Hope this helps and please let us know if you have additional questions!



  • Karthika Poduval


    I have noticed this and it happened to me twice. I have call forwarding set up to my personal number. When a customer call comes in the web browser notification pops up telling there is an incoming call and it is forwarded to the number, but my personal phone doesn't not ring or get a call. it is just still and because there is no answering option on the web browser (when forwarding is set up) the calls get missed. Please help.  


  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Karthika,

    Sorry to know this issue. I just need to confirm if the network requirements have been re checked? which is discussed here If you reviewed the guide already and issue persist. I'll be happy to create a ticket for this issue occurring.


  • Russell Fewing


    I know I am being a bit ambitious here, but is there a  setting so we can have Talk pass through the original caller number to the agents mobile phone rather than the Zendesk number?

    (the mobile phone is a dedicated 'out of hours' line and knowing the callers identity when answering avoids us having to collect the same information over and over again)

    With optimistic thanks...

  • Hervin Centeno

    Hi Russell,

    I have been looking into this for you and unfortunately it does not appear that there's any particular setting or configuration for the original caller's ID to appear as the ID when a call is forwarded to a mobile phone.

    As noted in the article above, when calls are forwarded to an external phone, caller-ID will display the Zendesk Talk number, (not the original caller's phone #). This is to help agents identify which incoming calls are coming in via Zendesk Talk.

    I sincerely apologize for this limitation. I've taken a look and found the following related discussions about the functionality you are looking for in our Product Feedback forum:

    Our Product Feedback forum is the primary channel used by our Product Management team and other Zendesk users to discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds. I highly encourage you to vote for that request and then share your use case in the discussion. I'd also recommend subscribing to the article so you'll be updated with any further comments. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the forums help influence future Zendesk functionality.

  • sheldon

    Hi, is it possible to select an order through which calls will be forwarded to various available agents? 

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Sheldon,

    It is not currently possible to select which agents are forwarded the calls.  Calls are routed based on time an agent is logged in and online for the last 24 hour period.  The agent will the longest times between calls, will get the next incoming call.

    This article goes over call routing,

  • Chris Anderson

    I have my agent's status set to away, cell phone added, and icon set to "phone" for forwarding and I still can get the forwarded call. Any suggestions?

  • Devan La Spisa

    Hello Chris,

    So I went ahead and just ran through this how-to guide on an in-house test account and everything and setting up port forwarding working on our end. I would recommend following the steps listed and seeing if that resolves your current issue.

    One thing I would double check is to make sure if you have a personal voicemail on your account that you configure the Talk setting Agent confirmation when forwarding. 

    Let me know if this works for you, and if you need further help, we are always here for you. 


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