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How can agents set up forwarding from Talk to a personal or desk phone?


Agents with Talk enabled should see an option to add a forwarding number on the left-hand side of their user profile. From there, agents will have the option whenever they go online to select if they will be taking calls via their browser or via their phone.

It should be noted, calls forwarded using agent forwarding will still be successfully recorded in Zendesk.

To toggle this setting:

Click the Talk icon () on the right side of the top toolbar to open the call console.

  • In the call console, click the globe icon and then select.


If agents are going to be forwarding calls to a physical phone, it is important to look and determine if the global setting for Agent confirmation when forwarding should be checked or not.

Agent confirmation when forwarding: When agents forward calls to their phones, this option requires agents to press a key before the call is connected to indicate that a person is answering the call and not an automated voicemail.

This prevents calls from forwarding to an agent's personal voicemail if they do not answer. Forwarded calls not answered with a key confirmation are routed to the voicemail system and recorded in a ticket.

If your agents forward calls to a phone system where personal voicemail boxes are not an issue, you can disable this option so that agents are immediately connected to callers when they answer.

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    Hi Claire,

    Im currently using Zendesk Talk trial version and trying to configure how to forward calls to my personal phone, is it possible to do it on trial version? Or I need to upgrade it?


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    Hello Fairuz,

    Yes, you can forward calls to your personal phone on a trial account! However, if you have an international phone number, you will need to reach out to our support team to help activate that for you.

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    Hi how do I do the initial set up? 

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    Hey there!

    I recommend you check out of Zendesk Talk resources, which contains a collection of links to all of our Talk documentation. You should find what you need there!

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