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    Quentin (Edited )

    If your organization must adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have to permanently delete users older than 2 years.

    How can you bulk permanently delete? 

    The only mention of bulk delete with the API is in

    Permanently delete one or more users with the API

    Use the following endpoints:


    But it links to the end points for "normal" deletion not permanent.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Quentin - 

    Can you please email your question to Normally we wouldn't ask you to switch channels, but since GDPR is a legal compliance issue, the legal team has restricted what we can say about GDPR-related issues in the community and asked that we send all related questions over to them. 

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    Sofia Klock Agelii


    this list with deleted users is neither searchable nor sortable, and users are listed only based on when they were deleted. The usability is very very low; it is impossible to find the correct user to permanently delete her if I have a long list of deleted users? Please advise! Thank you very much.


    Now, I have agents who left my company some time ago, and must be permanently deleted. I do not know when they were deleted, and I have no way of finding out, unless I click through each and every page. Is this the only solution?



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    Sofia Klock Agelii

    And, one more question; how long after permanently deleting an agent, can I expect the name to be scrubbed from the tickets? I have just now soft deleted, and then permanently deleted an agent, but her name still shows for the comments she has made.

    (I realise her name will not disappear from the public comments or internal notes, but I do expect it to disappear from the "title" of all comments she has made, replacing it with "Permanently deleted User" or similar. Correct...? Thanks.

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