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  • Zak Wilkowski

    Hello. Is it possible to send an automated email each time a Deal is created? If so, can we specify the details of the Deal with the recipient within each email template? 


  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Zak Wilkowski,

    If you have a moment to post this feedback in our Sell Community Feedback section, that would be a great suggestion to reach our Product Managers! 

    At this time, I've listed a few emailing workflow options below: 

    1. Each time a deal is created, you can set up an Automated Action to either "create task" or "update custom field". Create a deal smart list with the custom field column or task column and added on date column. Filter these fields for deals with a specific custom field entry or an upcoming task and the recently added Deals. Select all in the list to send a bulk email
    2. Make sure you save this list so that once it is created your only manual step is to send a bulk email each time. 
    3. Keep in mind that you can use merge tags in an email template to reference unique details about the deal. 
    4. Additionally, explore our third-party integration options, such as Mailchimp and Zapier and Sell's API resources to connect to email campaign applications. 

    Finally, the Reach add-on allows you to engage leads (prospects) by automatically sending them emails at intervals using an email sequence. As this functionality continues to be worked on by our Product Team, it is great feedback that you would like something similar in the Deals section. 



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