How do I set up Postman to make API requests to my Zendesk account?

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  • Ng Ching Hui

    Hi Mark, 

    I can't seem to authenticate with the above solution nor obtain the API token.

    The following error message occurs:

        "error": "Couldn't authenticate you"


  • Karen Snyder
    Community Moderator

    Ng Ching Hui make sure that you have the necessary permissions. Some APIs allow only admins to use them. 

    For the API credentials, this is what worked for me:

    1. Generate an API token in the agent dashboard at Channels/API. Make sure to save the toke before saving it in the dashboard

    2. The format for the credentials is <email_address>/token:<api_token>, base-64 encoded. Use the Chrome dev tools to do this. As an example, if the email address is, and the API token os 1234ABCD, then in the console type btoa(''); The console will display the result

    3. In Postman, click the Headers tab. Under Key, type Authorization. Under Value, type Basic followed by a space follwed by the encoded credentials, so for this example it would be Basic dXNlcjFAYWJjLmNvbS90b2tlbjpBQkNEMTIzNA==

    Hope this helps


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