Discrepancies between the Talk Live calls dashboard and the Explore Enterprise live dashboard

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  • Chad Susa


    Just want to clarify something.

    Under the heading Average wait time and longest wait time differences it says:

    Because of these calculations, there may be a slight delay in the values when compared to the Talk Live calls dashboard which refreshes approximately every ten seconds.

    Under the heading Explore live dashboard refresh rate it says:

    The Talk section of the Explore live dashboard refreshes every ten seconds, while the dashboard tab is active in your browser

    Do both the Talk Live calls dashboard and the Explore live dashboard refresh every ten seconds? (....with the other factors in mind - eg: 'while active in your browser' etc)

    Many thanks

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Chad,

    Yes, that is correct. The dashboard displays data in near real-time but its update interval might be affected by other factors like network speed and ticket volume. For information about how often Explore refreshes data, see Data refresh intervals for Explore plans.



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