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  • Mary Paez

    Tried to do this report, and this is the result:

  • Nhia Lor

    Hey Mary,

    There might be a few different reasons why you're not seeing the expected results. I would recommend to check some of the following things below to ensure the Knowledge Capture app is set up correctly to record the event when an end-user solves a ticket from a linked article.

    The "Resolution article tickets" metric currently relies on the "End-users can solve tickets after viewing linked articles" setting within the app to be enabled. When this setting is enabled; if an end-user clicks on the link inserted by the app the user will be prompted with an option to solve the ticket if it helped to address their problem. When the user solves the ticket the event is then recorded on the ticket and the ticket is automatically solved.

    I would also recommend checking and validating your tickets manually as well to ensure the setting is working as intended by checking the history of some example tickets to confirm it was solved by the end-user using the linked article. You should see an update on the ticket by a user named "Rapid Resolve" and it will include an internal note stating "User found a solution in the following article and marked the ticket as Solved".

    Hope that helps further towards clarify the results you've observed!

  • Nancy J.


    Are we able to see WHICH tickets were solved using linked articles?

  • Rebeca Hernandez

    I want to follow up on Nancy J. request. Is it possible to see which articles were solved?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Rebeca,

    To see the list of tickets marked as resolved by the end user via an article linked by an agent through the Knowledge Capture app, then you can slice the data by adding the attribute Ticket ID under Rows or Columns. You can also add Article translation title and other article attributes to further slice the results and see more info on the articles marked by users as helpful. 
  • Rebeca Hernandez

    Awesome @... thanks. I will try this


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