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  • Bryce Petrick

    Can someone point me in the direction of the ZenTalk audio settings/preferences? I'm not referring to chrome permissions to let ZenTalk use the mic/audio, but how to configure the devices in particular...

    In my current VOIP software, I have it configured so when I receive a call, it rings to my default audio device (laptop speakers), however when I answer the call, it uses my default communications devices (3.5mm headset plugged in via my docking station).

    This allows me to not be forced to wear my headset every minute of every work day, as I can hear the phone ring via my laptop speakers, put my headset on, and answer the call.

    I cannot seem to replicate this with ZenTalk. It seems as if ZenTalk uses "default audio device", and that's it... meaning my only options are a) set my laptop speakers as my default audio device and then when I get a call, my laptop speakers ring, but when I answer the call, the audio from the call is also going through the laptop speakers, meaning whenever the user speaks, the mic picks up their voice and echo's it back to them, or b) I set my headset as the default audio device, and then EVERYTHING goes through my headset, requiring that I wear my headset all day every day...

    There has GOT to be a better way to handle this.

  • Wilfred Kaw

    Hello @Bryce Petrick

    The device detection works with whichever Audio/Mic setting is recognised by the browser, this will be applicable to your Talk channel also. If you are using your headphones, your laptop will recognise them and so will the browser. I'm afraid you cannot separate the two, meaning just take calls from headset and play your music from laptop speakers.

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