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  • Joshua Bentley

    @... - did you ever get an answer to your question? That's exactly what I'm trying to do right now.

  • Matt
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Joshua!

    Limiting attributes to preselected values should be doable by utilizing sets. When creating a dashboard data filter using a set as the data filter column, only those attributes in that particular set will show up in the dashboard to be selected.

    Follow along this documentation below to create sets.

    Matt - Customer Advocate

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  • Joshua Bentley

    It doesn't look like the time filters include any of the Initial Rating metrics from the Ticket Updates dataset. Example: Bad Initial Rating.

    I added a new time filter to the dashboard and don't have that as one of the options. Am I missing something?

  • Ronald

    Can anybody explain the "Cascade prompts" option? I don't understand this:

    • Cascade prompts applies the data filter to other filters. For example, if you are using two separate data filters for Ticket Tags and Ticket ID, you can check Cascade prompts, so when a viewer selects a tag, only the ticket IDs for that tag will be available.

    I've noticed that when I choose this option in the data filter options the "Permanently Deleted" option disappears from the list of dropdown options. I also don't fully understand "Permanently Deleted" -- I think this means the value no longer exists as an option in the dropdown (it was deleted) but historical tickets remain with that now deleted option selected.

    Can anybody explain the "Cascade prompts" option and if/how this is related to the "Permanently Deleted" dropdown option. TYSM

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ronald

    You are correct that the "Permanently Deleted" is for the deleted value.



    So the main reason why it shows "Permanently Deleted" when you choose the "Cascade" filter, is that your tickets that populate in the report may have deleted values. From there you would have the option to exclude it from the report & only active values would be loaded. 

    To further explain the cascade option, for example you have a data filter for it to only show tickets with the tags a,b,c,d,e & the ticket Ids from 1-100. If you click on the cascade option for ticket tag D, it would then only load the ticket ids that have the ticket tag D. 

  • Rebeca

    I would like to add a report to a dashboard and make it so that on Mondays, the dashboard shows the stats from the previous week. Is it possible to automate this?

    I tried adding a time filter on the dashboard to manually select the date range, but when I select them, looks like it's not applied.

    Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • Melissa Norton

    Rebeca you'll need to change your time filter to last week and then add a bookmark and pin the bookmark for last week to "stick" for your deliveries. Pinning the bookmark makes it the default state of the dashboard. You can also hide the bookmark and/or time filter if you want.

  • mfg

    When selecting the attributes for the change attribute widget, the attribute options appear to be limited (maybe by the attributes currently in use by the reports on the dashboard?). How do you add additional attributes to the widget?

    Is there a way to limit the reports that are affected by the change attribute widget, in the same fashion as the [exclude filters] config on reports?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Yes, the selection is limited to the current filters applied at the report level. An attribute will only show up in the list if it's applied as filter to at least one of the reports added to the dashboard. A change attribute will allow you to switch the original filters added to the report to another attribute filter.

    And, yes, you can configure a report widget to exclude certain change attributes also via the Exclude filters menu.


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