Changing the live theme of your help center

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  • Nikki

    I want to switch themes. Is there a way to transfer over my existing logo / brand fonts and colors and such without manually customizing the new theme?

  • David Bjorgen

    Nikki, there isn't a way to export settings from one theme and import them into another theme, if that's what you're asking. All settings for each newly added theme must be manually set.

  • Vishnu Sasidharan

    Is there a way to revert the changes applied to a live theme? I want to revert the theme settings to that of an older date. Is that possible?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Vishnu Sasidharan - there is not a native "revert" functionality, and there are no change logs for themes.  The best practice is to create a new theme when making edits, saving and leaving previous versions intact, so that you can switch back to a previous version if needed. 

    You can have up to 10 different themes set up, so what you can do is clone the theme that you have in production, make edits to it, and then make that new one live, while retaining the other version as a back up that you can revert to. 

    That doesn't help much with dealing with your current situation, but you can implement that practice going forward and avoid the issue in the future. 

  • Stacy Soley

    We currently have a live Copenhagen theme.  I want to turn another theme live (it is currently in preview) I need to test that my tags and user segments are properly working, but then after testing want to turn it off and revert back to my current theme until the preview site is ready for "launch" and will be the permanent live theme.

    Will there be any issues getting the original theme back on?  Is there anything special I need to do.  I don't want to accidently deleted or replace the current Copenhagen, but simply turn if off temporarily while a different theme is turned on for a short time.  

    thank you

  • David Bjorgen

    Stacy Soley All you need to do is load your custom theme into the theme library. Once it's in the library, you can preview the theme functionality by clicking the "Customize" button; a preview of your theme will appear next to the settings in the window. While in customize mode, clicking the "Guide Admin" button in the top toolbar will open a fullscreen version of your theme in a new tab in preview mode. This allows you to test your new theme without making it live.

    If you'd rather make your theme live, load it into your theme library, click the menu icon (three dots), and choose "Set as live theme". This will make your theme the active theme, while moving the Copenhagen theme into the library. When you're finished testing, simply set the Copenhagen theme as the live theme and your custom theme will move back to the library in an inactive status.

  • Stacy Soley

    Hi David, thank you for the reply. 

    I have made the theme live, but after I do every page comes back with "this page you were looking for doesn't exist"  They exist in preview.  The information I found in help said to make sure "If you have not activated your Help Center, the page won't be visible to customers when visiting the URL." but this is active as we use a simple 1-page version of guides today.  I have built out multiple pages with articles, but when I make the site live it says none of the pages exist.  Do you know why?

    Thank you,



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