My numeric and decimal custom ticket fields are missing in Explore

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  • Sam Donovan

    Literally came here experiencing what I thought was an issue. Article told me it's in "metrics" and not Rows, and I found my decimal custom field. Thank you Zendesk!

  • Dave Dyson

    Glad to hear it, Samuel!

  • Chris Wisialowski

    So, just to be clear, if we use the numeric field to identify account numbers, then i want to pull a report that shows, Agent A tickets for account number 12345 and see a nice view of all tickets on that account , i cant? 

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Chris –
    Yes, but it takes an extra step. Numeric fields show up in Explore as Metrics, which normally you could use to calculate sums, averages, etc., but not to slice queries by (see Reporting with custom fields to see how custom fields are brought into Explore). However, you create a Standard Calculated Attribute using the instructions here: Creating standard calculated metrics and attributes, and simply using the VALUE function for your account ID field. So if your field is called Account ID, the formula you'd enter would just be VALUE(Account ID).
    Once you've created the standard calculated attribute (give it a name, like Account ID Value, it will show up in the Calculated attributes folder in places like Filters, Rows, and Columns. So for your example, where you want to see a list of tickets where the Assignee is Agent A, and the Account ID is 12345, you'd create a query with Count (tickets) as the Metric, add Ticket ID to Rows so you get a list of tickets, then under Filters, filter on Assignee > Assignee name for Agent A, and Calculated attributes > Account ID Value (or whatever you decide to call it) for the value 12345. Then you'll probably want to add Drill-in on Ticket ID so you can click through on the Ticket ID shown in the query output so it opens the ticket in Support (here's how to do that: Using drill in to refine your queries). 
    With all that done, the result should be a list of ticket IDs of tickets assigned to Agent A for company 12345, where you can click each ticket ID and be taken to the ticket in Support. Hope that helps!

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