Adding a third-party to a conference call

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  • Mandy at Paperless Post

    These instructions do not work. When I try this, it simply puts the original caller on hold without including the third party 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Mandy,
    Once you have clicked the "Transfer Call" option, it should put the other line on hold. Then, you will have to type in the number you want to add to the call. Once connected, you should have the ability to transfer directly or add it to the existing call. If "Add to Call" is selected it will merge to the original caller and you are now in a conference call. You can try it again on your end. If you are certain that you have followed the steps and you have a different behavior, take a screen recording and contact support directly for us to further investigate.
  • Mandy Kyle

    This also does not work for my team. 


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