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  • Rich Shupe

    This is frustratingly convoluted and difficult. What's wrong with direct access to a date option?

    This particular recipe shows counts. How can one get a list of the tickets updated? (Because of Zendesk's inability to export search results, I was told to try a view or Explore option to end up with the ability to export to CSV or similar.)

  • Christopher Stock
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Rich,

    Are you after a table of tickets that have been updated within a given time period? If that's the case then you can select 'D_COUNT(Tickets updated)' as your metric and then add 'Update - Date' and 'Ticket ID' to Rows.

    You'll then see a list of tickets that have been updated on each date. This can be exported to CSV if needed.

  • Grant Mason SMC ZD

    Working on 30 days to make the Monthly average is not accurate, because the number of working days in a month vary.

    If you solve 1380 tickets a month. Your average will say 46 tickets a day, but if there are 23 working days in the month. The average number of solved tickets is 60 a day.

    Can you advise how you can get accurate figures based on the varying number of working days in a month ?

    Also there are some Public holidays to allow for too


  • Jovi Limbo

    Hi Grant!

    The days are based on Calendar days so weekends and holidays are included. There isn’t any specific way to filter the query on the rolling Last 30 business days but you can follow this article to filter your queries to exclude time outside of your business hours: Filtering queries by business hours 

    Same for holidays, they will need to be excluded manually. Few metrics have version in business hours but filtering the dates cannot be done by default to exclude the non-business hours/days.

    Thank you!

    Jovi Limbo | Associate Premier Support Engineer 

  • Dave Symonds

    How do I show a list of tickets open for the days of the month - what date do I use to filter these?  Updated date may relate to any operation on the ticket but I want them to show when they entered that status  -  in the same way I can pick a Date created date as an option

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello again Dave,

    I see that you've posted a similar question on this other thread. Like what was discussed, you may use the Backlog dataset to see breakdown of Unsolved or of Open tickets per day.

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