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  • Tina Yates

    Has anyone figured out how to remove the Sort once it has been applied? thank you.

  • Ali Syed

    @... Found a way. Add an unnecessary metric and then sort by that new metric. Save the query, go back and then remove the unnecessary metric. You've successfully dodged Explore :)

  • Ali Syed

    I was also just (luckily) able to sort the results the way I did by just renaming the labels in my custom attribute. Before I did that, after sorting the chart by attribute, I had the 48+ appearing as the first column but in terms of the series (as you can see), that didn't fit the purse. So, I just prefixed it with an alphabetic value to make it "Above 48 hrs" and then sorted it in descending order. Bingo!

    Note that I had to increase the Truncation characters limit to expose the entire string :)

  • Samantha Chen


    I'm trying to sort a table based first on Column C and then on Column B. How would I go about trying to do this? I'm only able to sort by one column at a time. 


  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Samantha,

    You'll be able to sort the values in the table based on metric results and then by a selected attribute via the Advanced sorting option. But, if you are trying to sort the results based on two different metric columns, then I'm afraid that is not possible. Sorry about this, Samantha. You may only be able to sort the values based on one metric at a time.


  • Martin Garcia

    I was wondering if there was any way to sort my results by Ticket ID or date created?
    Seems like the only sorting option I have is to sort the "COUNT(Tickets)" but never anything else.
    I am trying to order these by descending whether its the date they were created or the Ticket ID itself but nothing seems to work. Is there a work around for this? I can't really do anything from the "Sort" section since there really isn't much that this is counting.

  • Martin Garcia

    Quick little update for everyone. I was able to work around the date issue with a metric that adds the days since the ticket was created.
    Then sorting that by "descending"
    Hope this helps someone!

  • Ginni Goggins


    For those like me that ran into problems with removing a sort so that it would go back to the original order, here's what someone at Zendesk found out for me (although I still can't find it documented anywhere).  The first click on a metric column sorts it ascending, the second click changes to descending, AND THE THIRD CLICK REMOVES THE SORT COMPLETELY!!  Now to document it for my agents so they know this as well.

    Who knew?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Virginia Goggins, thanks so much for this great feedback. I've added this to the article above and I hope others find it useful. We really appreciate your input!

  • Ruth Nogueron

    Thank you @...!

  • I have so far been unsuccessful at trying to remove sorting. I accidentally selected a metric, because it makes it look like you're supposed to pick one. But I didn't want to sort on a metric, I only wanted to sort on an attribute. But now I'm stuck with both a metric and an attribute selected, and can't deselect the metric. 

    This UI is riddled with problems. Explore has sucked up an absurd amount of my 2021. So far my experience with Explore is by far the worst I've had with any Zendesk product, and one of the worst SaaS products I've ever used.

  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Zach,

    Reading through comments from this article, it appears here that there's an option for us to remove the sort if it has been applied already and the workaround is also documented on the article too. Clicking the table header of metric sorts in the following order:

    1. On the first click, the column is sorted in ascending order for that metric.
    2. On the second click, the column is sorted in descending order for that metric.
    3. On the third click, the column returns to the original sort order.

    Best Regards,

    Darenne Carbajosa
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  • Jason Atwell

    Hello there,

    Can someone help me with sorting this query from Sunday-Saturday (specifically at the dashboard level)?

    It looks how I want it to at the query level: 

    However, when I move it onto my dashboard is switches the sort to look like this:

    Does anyone know why it is switching the sort and how I can maintain the sort from the query from the query builder to the dashboard? Thank you.

  • Ali Syed

    Hi @..., the only thing that I can recall could cause this is that the dashboard changes haven't yet been published. So, you'd have made changes to the underlying query but perhaps try and save it again and then when you're back to the dashboard, publish and refresh your browser to see if the changes stick.

  • Roshni Daftary

    I am created a calculated attribute where the age of users is grouped based on age group which say for example is 20-30, 30-40 etch which is named as days of the week. How do I sort the chart to get the days from Monday to Sunday. I have tried all sort of sorting and no help.

  • Alex Zheng
    Hey Roshni,
    I will create a ticket with you to go over your specific example.

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