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  • ronan detablan

    Is there a way to extract this data in Explore? What I would need to get is the number of tickets that has side conversation on them. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Ronan, and welcome to the community! 
    There's not currently a way to report on side conversations, unfortunately. You could create triggers to tak tickets that have side conversations to measure that number going forward though: see Can I report on side conversations?
    I'd recommend upvoting and adding some information about your use case to this product feedback post, as well: Reporting on side conversations
  • Jorge Hueso Giner


    I think it would be much clearer for the end user if the system reported that there are side conversations that match the search criteria. I think the workflow is ok, first of all the tickets are searched and, if no information is found there, second step is side conversation. However, the fact that the number '0' is displayed in the tab 'side conversations' makes the agents think that there is no result, and they are actually not wrong :) . Therefore I would say that something like 'side conversations (!)' or something similar should be displayed in this tab if the search criteria are met.

    Best regards,


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