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  • GS Admin

    Hi ,

    i  have created a query for tickets solved with one reply from agent using the above example.

    but when i drill in and try to check the tickets they have more than one replies .

    could you please help.

    i have chose count(one touch tickets) in metrics and ticket solved date in filters.

    please help.

  • Ksenia Shanyuk


    I am also seeking help with the above but I would like to integrate this metric to the classification report. 

    In particular, I have created a query to show tickets created per classification and I also want to add how many of those tickets have been solved at first contact by the agent. I have followed the above step by step guide but the query does not seem to be showing the correct data.. 

    Many thanks in advance



  • Diosa
    Hello, Ksenia.
    I'll open a ticket for you so that we can look into this further for your created report.
  • Richard Dawson

    Is there a way that I can create a report similar to this but I want to show each ticket and which article is linked to it so I can see which tickets we don't have good articles for?

  • Diosa
    Hello, Richard. 

    You can follow the steps up to step 12, but for the last step, instead of using a line graph, use a table to list down the ticket IDs. Then, under Rows, add the ticket ID attribute. 

    However, there is currently no option to display which articles are linked in the tickets.
  • Abed Islam

    How can I recreate one-touch tickets in the Ticket updates dataset?

  • Mau
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Abed,

    I'm afraid One-touch metric is only available in  Tickets dataset. You will be able to confirm this when you visit this article: Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Support under the topic Tickets dataset.

    Hope this helps!

  • Judy Correia

    Similar to the original 2 comments on this thread, tickets listed as one-touch tickets have more than 1 internal comment. The one-touch metric doesn't take into account internal comments. It seems to count one-touch tickets as any ticket without any external comments or only 1 external comment. Is it possible to track true one-touch tickets (i.e. those with only one comment, external or internal)?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Judy,

    If you answer and solve the ticket in the first reply back to the customer and no further comments are added by the user or yourself, that would be one touch.
    One-touch tickets only count for public updates. Internal notes do not count in one-touch tickets.
    So if your end-user replies with a "thank you" and your agent doesn't make another public comment, it is still considered a one-touch ticket. If the user or yourself adds comments after the ticket is solved, the ticket gets re-opened and you have to mark it as solved again, this is now multi touch as there are 2 or more updates from the agent (first solved, then solving the reopens).

    For reference, please see this article: How are one-touch resolutions calculated?

    I hope that helps!

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