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  • Phil Clark

    Thanks for putting this guide together - super helpful and just what I needed!

    That said....I'm running into an error, which I'm hoping someone can help me tackle.

    "The set of calculations isnt valid. {0} Adjust the calculation and try again. (Error code: 67ccdea4)"

    I've gone over this a few times to make sure I've set this up according to the guide:


    Could someone please help identify what I'm missing?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Phil,
    Looks like there's a syntax error in the metric formula; the formula editor does not seem to recognize the attribute [Requester organization ID].

    I noticed too that [Requester organisation status] has 'organisation' spelled with an 's' instead of 'z', and from your screenshot, it appears that the formula editor is able to validate the attribute name. It's possible that the locale/translation set for your account uses 'organisation' in the metric and attribute names.
    Can you try editing the formula, and then select the attribute from the list of autocomplete/suggested values that will be displayed?

  • Phil Clark

    Gab Guinto

    Ahh that old chestnut - that was 100% it! Thanks so much - it now works exactly as I was looking for. 🙏


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