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    I want to use {{answer_bot.article_count}} and {{answer_bot.article_list}} in a Notify Target action.

    As I understand all triggers that are to fire upon the same triggering event are evaluated and then fire 'together'. 

    I have following scenarios:

    Scenario 1:

    • Event: Ticket is created:
    • Action: Trigger 1: add some links and information in email reply+ Suggest AB articles to requester + set Tag ab_fired + Notify Target (internal) of suggested articles (with above placeholders).
    • Result: the target doesn't receive the list of suggested articles.


    On the other hand if I change the above to:


    • Event: Ticket is created
    • Actions:
    • Trigger cycle 1:
    • Trigger 1: add some links and information in email reply + Suggest AB articles to requester + set Tag 'ab_fired'
    • Trigger cycle 2:
    • Trigger 2 (fires on tag 'ab_fired'): Notify Target (internal) of suggested articles (with above placeholders)
    • Result: Target receives list of suggested articles.



    • Are there runtime issues that cause the first scenario?
    • If the 2nd scenario is the correct way to go, then can you confirm that the suggested list in Trigger 2 is always the same as the list suggested in Trigger 1, i.e. will the placeholder always only return analysed results of the first comment sent by the requester, or will it now (in Trigger 2) also analyse all text in all preceding comments  (this would include the links and information added to comments in Trigger 1) in previous trigger cycles?


  • Shai Sy Dimayuga
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ibrahim,

    There could be several reason as to why Answer Bot may not be suggesting articles. We'd love to check on this further so a separate ticket will be created on your behalf where we can continue look into your given scenarios.



  • Howie

    I am setting up using the answer bot for my company and testing to see if it works.
    I wrote 4 articles all with different headlines and similar body.  
    When testing (I just emailed our info with  a question).  I was expecting the bot to respond correctly with the articles I wrote,  
    EX.   We offer flannel sheets and everyone is asking when it will be in.

    Here are my subjects
    1. When will flannel be available

    2. Flannel Sheets available

    3. Do you have Flannel Sheets

    4. Flannel Sheets

    And in the body of the article I have three sentences talking about it and repeating subject alittle.

    Do I need to put in TRIGGERS  for the bot to get the correct answers.

    I thought all I needed to do was write the article and that would do the trick.
    The more articles with different subjects (I am thinking 3 or 4 for each macro I use in zendesk) would do the trick.  
    WHat am I missing to get these autoreplies to work correctly.



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