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  • Rick Anderlick



    Regarding the "Requiring that your users register to use your Zendesk" I'd like to understand what would happen in a particular scenario. 

    Say a ticket is opened by a registered user but later updated by an unregistered user that is added into the conversation. Since the ticket had already been created does the unregistered user's message still get delivered or is it suspended until they register?


  • Kharlo Reboja
    Zendesk Customer Care

    The users response would still be added to the ticket but they will get a welcome email. Their ticket only gets suspended if they email in themselves without having been added by an existing user. Hope this clears things up!

    Kharlo | Customer Advocate

  • Pedro Reis

    "Anybody can submit tickets" is enabled on our end, but the captcha is not present o the "submit a ticket" form.

    Any idea why?

  • Julien Maneyrol


    I have the same problem as Pedro Reis: "Anybody can submit tickets" is enabled on our end, but the captcha is not present o the "submit a ticket" form.

    We are using a custom theme for Guide, but the same happens with Zendesk default theme.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    @Pedro and Julien,
    In "Using CAPTCHA" section, it was indicated that the CAPTCHA will only appear if Cloudflare's risk analysis engine is not sure if the one submitting the request is a human or an abusive agent. If Cloudflare has detected a human is submitting the request, the submitter can proceed normally. CAPTCHA is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.
  • Katherine Isaac

    Our set up is "Anybody can submit tickets but you also require registration and email address verification".  Is there anyway to prevent anonymous chats via Web Widget? Can we enforce the "Update your profile" form?

  • Alina

    Hi Katherine,

    The only form that can be enabled in the Chat widget is the Pre-chat form, which require visitors to complete a form before starting a chat. With the option <Require identity> enabled, visitors must provide their name or email before starting a chat.

    This is explained in more detail here, Enabling the pre-chat form on the Chat widget

    Some elements of the pre-chat form can be customized as mentioned here How do I customize the pre-chat form?

    Currently, you can only use Ticket forms with the classic Web widget. For more details, see Using custom ticket fields and ticket forms with the Web Widget (Classic).

    When the pre-chat form is not enabled in your Chat settings, anonymous users are free to access your Chat widget. 

    If you'd like to have a visitor authentication on your Web Widget, you can do so by setting up JWT authentication. You can find the steps here Enabling authenticated visitors in the Chat widget.

    Once the users will be successfully authenticated, they will no longer need to type in their name and email address.

  • Louis La


    Is there a way to get notified (through email) as an Admin/Agent when a new user/customer has created an account?


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Louis,

    Natively, this is not possible. However, you can look into the possibility of using the Webhook Event Type: Support User Created to get notified for all newly created users. In addition, you will also need the endpoint of the app that will receive this payload. You can utilize GMAIL API, or Slack API endpoint for you to be notified continously.

  • Vanessa Radman

    Hi there,

    All of the tickets created for our company are from emails coming from our customers, we're not using any forms or chat at the moment. Is there a way to bulk verify all of my customer emails? Or what is the most efficient way for me to verify their emails to ensure they don't end up in the suspend tab? 

    Our customers do not share a domain with their account; customers have different domains within a single organization/account, including generic email domains like Google. So I can't verify via domain. 


    Thank you,

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Vanessa Radman,

    While it's not possible to bulk-verify your users in the agent interface. It's definitely possible through the API. You can find the corresponding endpoints in our Developer resources here:

  • Jennifer Gillespie

    I have End users that would like to see the following options on the Guide side within My Activities: 

    1. Ability to export all Open tickets under My requests, requests I'm cc'd on, Organization requests
    2. Ability to add 'cc' users when submitting a ticket using the delivered 'cc' field
    3. Ability to Solve/Close tickets (Standard field)

    Are any of these features available via any of the free templates?  Or are these enhancements in the works?

  • Wes Plate

    We had "Anybody can submit tickets" enabled, and like others have said there was no CAPTCHA. We started getting spam submissions so we turned on "Ask users to register". Too bad the CAPTCHA thing didn't work to block spam.

  • felix

    Very dissapointing solutions to solve a simple issue.

    We have been starting to get a lot of spam coming from e-mail adresses based on a web form. The form has been deleted, required autentication for API, blocked the domain, code adjusted of the guide, all did not work. Having to spend hours to find solutions in Zendesk articles like to above to eventually find out the only standard offered solution is require users to create an account is low quality and unpreferred.

  • Jeff Choo

    We are also getting a lot of spam from via the contact form.  If CAPTCHA was enabled by default, it doesn't seem to be blocking the obvious bot entry.  We appreciate any additional help.  Thanks

  • cfantini

    Can you require a customer to be signed in via SSO for Gather and Guide, but leave Support open to anyone?

    Additionally, if everything is locked down (Gather, Guide and Support), can you open a simple channel to Support for users that are locked out of their account?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello cfantini,
    Yes, it is possible to only enable SSO for end users and leave your Support using the Zendesk authentication.
    In regards to opening a simple channel to Support users who are locked out, when a user encounters a login issue while your account is enabled for SSO authentication, the only way that they can reach out for assistance is by sending an email to your support address. 
    If your SSO is down, you can still log in to Zendesk by bypassing your SSO authentication. You can visit Accessing your Zendesk account when your SSO service is down for more information.
  • Yvonne Panarin

    We have had the exact same issue as Jeff Choo and felix - has one of you found a way to force CAPTCHA on all new requests submitted via help center forms?

    @zendesk - why is this not something we can decide to do? Especially in todays times, where every company tries to automate as much as possible, ticket forms seem an amazing tool for it. We are working out a whole strategy around contact pages etc now - using ZD forms on them - but realizing now, we can not guarantee CAPTCHA to be part of these pages is very upsetting. I can not risk beeing exposed to a ton of spam, creating more work than what we may save in the process of these projects (sure you understand).

    I can't believe no other big ZD client has this issue. Please let me know if there is anything we could do, to have CAPTCHA always take place when visitors want to submit a request via our help center forms.

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Yvonne,
    CAPTCHA is enabled by default. This is hard-coded in the system and no setting can force it to appear on all requests from the Help Center. The CAPTCHA will appear based on how likely that the request is from a bot. To further understand how the CAPTCHA works, kindly check this article CAPTCHA FAQs.
    In addition, are the spam tickets really coming from the Help Center forms? These spam tickets can be submitted on different channels and we have preventive measures to avoid spam based on which channel it came from. I highly recommend implementing these measures to prevent spam tickets: Tips to combat spam and protect your business.
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk 
  • Yvonne Panarin

    Paolo Thank You for the prompt response and clarification!


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