Managing end user settings

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  • Rick Anderlick



    Regarding the "Requiring that your users register to use your Zendesk" I'd like to understand what would happen in a particular scenario. 

    Say a ticket is opened by a registered user but later updated by an unregistered user that is added into the conversation. Since the ticket had already been created does the unregistered user's message still get delivered or is it suspended until they register?


  • Kharlo Reboja
    Zendesk Customer Care

    The users response would still be added to the ticket but they will get a welcome email. Their ticket only gets suspended if they email in themselves without having been added by an existing user. Hope this clears things up!

    Kharlo | Customer Advocate

  • Pedro Reis

    "Anybody can submit tickets" is enabled on our end, but the captcha is not present o the "submit a ticket" form.

    Any idea why?


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