What are the attachment limits in Help Center?

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  • Sadie

    When customers try to attach files to their replies to a ticket, that reply simply never shows up in our Zendesk instance at all, and the customer does not get any sort of bounce or error message. How can we configure a better user experience for this use case?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sadie,

    Are your end-users experiencing the behavior when replying via email, chat, or messaging tickets? Were you able to replicate the same on your account? Further, can you confirm that you have a trigger that sends email notifications if the issue is with email tickets?


  • Marina Sopilnyak

    Is it possible to increase the limit of the attachment in the article?

    We have a large pdf. document to upload, but 20MB is not enough.

    Can you advise anything, please?

  • Brandon Montalbo

    I agree with Marina,


    20 Mb is not enough for some of the attachments we would like to post on guide for our agents to access. 

  • Miguel Contreras

    Hey there,

    20 MB may have worked in 2008 but nowadays files are a lot large. We have PDF files that can reach up to 5GB since they detail the processes and flow to the customer in one file. I understand we could break it up but that does not make it a good experience for the customer portal. If it could at less be a 1GB we could try to make something work.


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