How can I reset drop-down field values for follow-up tickets?

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  • Sara Ledger

    I agree with Naomi's comment: 

    We have a list of over 100 tags and this will not work as a work around for us when we need to leave certain tags on and remove others, especially when we cannot easily obtain a list of all existing tags in Zendesk.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi @... & @... -

    Thanks for this feedback – the best way to ensure that our product team see this would be to create a post in our Product Feedback forum: Feedback on Support. It's especially useful if you can check our guidelines, and add as much detail as you can on the nature and impact of the problem: Product feedback guidelines & how to write a good feedback post

    (I've already searched the forum and I don't see any feedback posts that talk about this, so you can skip that step at least)

  • Matthew Feczko

    Agreed, we have the exact same issue. We're using a multi-select field as a way to track macros (each macro used, we turn on that value, so we know which tickets use which macros). But when a follow-up is created, we want to remove all of the macros tracked tags.

  • Matthew Feczko

    @... how would you do it using an http target? Could you explain that? I'm quite keen to do this as well!

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Matthew, what specifically are you wanting to achieve?

  • Matthew Feczko

    Hi @...,

    Because there's no way to track macro usage within Zendesk, we've come up with a way where we use a multi-select field and put in a value for each macro in the system with the tag being the ID of the macro (so something like m_367589749083 for an ID for Macro 1). The field is then hidden from the form, but activates (and value is set) when Macro 1 is used. Thus if a ticket has had 3 macros on it, Macro 1, 2, and 3, then we can track that easily.

    However, if the ticket is closed and a follow-up is open, we want to clear those tags, and essentially clear that whole multi-select value because it's as if it's a new ticket and no macros have been used.

    How can I clear that field when a follow-up is created?


  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey there @...,

    Andrew might have some other suggestions in mind, but if it's cool with you, I'd be happy to chime in as well! 2 big options come to mind here:

    1. Safer, native method (but more tedious): Setting up a trigger with a condition of "Channel > Is > Closed Ticket", where you could apply an action of "Remove tags" and then type out every tag that your multi-select field uses.  Depending on how many values your field has, that might get a bit wild.

    2. The non-supported method: Using an HTTP target just like you mentioned earlier.  The reason we can't officially support this method is due to the risk of race conditions but, still very much possible if you choose to go this route.  You'd want to set up an HTTP target to point towards{{}}.json using a PUT method. 

    From there, that's where you can set up a trigger with the same condition of "Channel > Is > Closed Ticket" along with something like "Your multiselect field here > Present", so that this trigger only fires if your multi-select field has some kind of value already applied.

    Lastly, this is where you could set up a trigger action of "Notify target > your HTTP target here", where you'd use a payload like this to clear out your multi-select field:

    "ticket": {
    "custom_fields": [
    "id": yourmultiselectfieldIDhere,
    "value": null

    Hope this helps!

  • Sara Ledger has been created as feedback to this question.

    Thank you @...

  • Dave Dyson

    Thanks, @...!


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