Measuring business goals with conversion tracking

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  • Christian Perdikis


    We use Conversions ("Goals") in our Chat reporting. Now that Explore is Zendesk's central analytics solution, could you please explain how we can view Conversions within an Explore report? I don't see "goals" or "conversions" as an available metric when building out my Explore query.


    Thank you!


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    As of the moment, conversion tracking is only available in Chat Analytics. We don't have any updates yet on when it will be added to Explore.
  • Raphaël Péguet


    It would be nice to get in this article the link to how to do it when using messaging.

    Thank you,


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Raphael,
    I know that this is on our roadmap, but not prioritized for this year. Our product team is looking for user needs around this, and the best way to get that information to them is to post your use case to our Feedback - Chat and Messaging (Chat) topic, using this template to format your input. Thanks!
  • Nikki

    For Goal URLs using "equals" can we use a wildcard character?

    And/or will it still count url matches if there's a parameter at the end of the URL?


    I want to track the page no matter which id is at the end there. Is that possible? 


    As a workaround, I have sometimes used the URL "contains" but I ran into problems when I wanted to track two pages ones that were like:

    • trackedpage
    • trackedpages

    It appeared that the conversions for trackedpage was also including those for trackedpages (which makes sense and I predicted, no problem there)

    I also tried using "contains" trackedpage.aspx 

    but I think the . broke the string and it still couldn't track this separately from trackedpages.



  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks a lot for your interesting question. 
    You can track these parameters via Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics. 

    Please follow the following instructions:
    - Adding the Web Widget (Classic) via Google Tag Manager -
    - Setting up and using Google Analytics for the Web Widget (Classic) -

    Hope it helps,
    Kind Regards

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