How do I merge or migrate two Zendesk accounts?

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  • Natalia Tomchyshyn

    I'd like to point out that among Zendesk partners, you can check Help Desk Migration - an automated data migration tool.

    Read here for more about what data can be merged, available customizations, workflow, and other detail.

  • SeaSpace

    We merged our Zendesk accounts with the help of

    They also offer Zendesk migrations from other source systems such as Jira, Freshdesk, Salesforce, etc.

  • Amy Rands

    SeaSpace and what about pricing? Their workflow and cost aren't clear and sounds a little fishy

  • SeaSpace

    Amy Rands For both the account merging and a recent Jira migration they charged less than the other providers we reached out to + were able to cater to our custom mapping requirements.

  • Dominic

    We did several migrations with Help Desk Migration, they are great for out of the box migrations with no custom needs where you do everything yourself. Also cheaper than other providers. For custom migrations with hand holding we were happy with working with Helpando migration services.


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