Adding the On-hold ticket status to Zendesk Support

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  • Kate Ambash

    Trying to understand if I'm using "on-hold" and "pending" correctly.

    When my user writes in and I send back a question, is that ticket status supposed to be "pending" (ie pending user response)?

  • Jean Cesar Martínez

    Hi @.... Yes. The way I see it is:

    • Pending - Agent is waiting for the customer's reply. (i.e. pending for user response)
    • Open - Customer is waiting for the Agent's reply.
    • On-hold - is like an internal status that could mean whatever your organization wants. It is important to know that customers will see On-Hold status as Open from the HelpCenter. Agents will see it as On-Hold.

    I hope this helps.

  • Mike Bielby

    Wow! this little feature has been in play for 7 years now and I'm not sure it's resolved.  It seems there is a standard use case that everyone that has a development group wants,  but you taking 7 years to understand it/develop it/issue the feature. As an agent I want to set an open ticket to "on-hold" status so that the end customer understand that the ticket is either in the Development team as a bug or a pending feature request (in other words, it's not needing any further input from the customer). We'd like this feature as we run a report of all open issues > 7 days with no input from agent. At the moment that includes all the usual suspects that are in R&D or are with Offer management as feature requests to be assessed. 'urry up with this one please. BTW it's a great product and you should be very proud. Still... we need this!

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Mike,

    Can you help me understand what's not working for you with the existing On-Hold ticket status? It seems like it would work for you needs – agents can set the status to On-Hold when they assign tickets to your development team, and then you can filter those tickets out of your "open issues > 7 days with no input from agent" reports. If a customer responds to an On-Hold ticket (not that they need to, but customers will sometimes ask for a status update), Zendesk will automatically change the status from On-Hold to Open so that the assignee knows the customer wants a response.

    What's missing here for you? Thanks!

  • Mike Bielby

    Sure, and thanks for the reply. It's true the agent can set the ticket that is now being looked at by R&D, but when we review the defects weekly we want to see only "Open" and > 7 days old with no updates that are not "on-hold". It seems tickets with "on-hold"  status are treated as "Open" and so we get the "Open" and "on-hold" defects.  We don't want to see the "on-hold" ones. We are going to try something on Thursday and I'll update the community then.  Thanks for the reply.


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