Explore recipe: Reporting on article and translation languages

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  • Thomas

    Is it possible to report on how many tickets we have in different languages? Like the percentage of tickets we answer in English vs Spanish? Thanks!

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    There's no native way to identify the actual language used in the ticket conversation, but the closest that you can use in Explore reports is the Requester locale attribute, which pulls from the Language set on the user/requester's profile. From there, you can create custom metrics or use a result path calculation – depending on how your data is presented – to compute for the percentage. 
  • Elizabeth Brown

    Hi Zendesk team: can you please confirm that this procedure is available for Zendesk Professional? 

    On my plan:

    • I don't have access to a dataset for Team Publishing, only for Guide: Knowledge Base
    • the metrics available don't include Articles created

    Can you advise the best way to use this recipe on the Professional plan?

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Elizabeth Brown, thanks for bringing this up! The Team Publishing dataset is available only on Enterprise plans, but I've updated the recipe to include a version of the report that uses the Knowledge Base dataset instead, which is available on Professional plans.


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