How can I remove the due date on a task ticket?

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  • MaximillianWA

    I must admit that I'm pretty disappointed--and frustrated--that this simple bug hasn't been fixed 1.5 years after Dan reported it above.  This workaround would've been ok for maybe a couple months, but the idea that a program manager never added this almost-surely simple to fix bug to the backlog so a developer could've taken 10 minutes to fix it by now really strengthens the impression that I've had for several years now of Zendesk--that you're not allocating enough of your developers' time to fixing bugs and design flaws.  If I weren't grandfathered onto a reeeeally inexpensive plan, I would've found a different system by now.  It seems a bit ridiculous to be paying $19/mo/agent just for basic ticketing functionality, when you take so long to fix even simple bugs like this.


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