Zendesk Editor Formatting Issues


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    Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, 

    Thank you very much for your comments. We have already started working on upgrading the editing experience in Guide and we will be continually improving this area throughout the whole of next year. If you are interested in taking a look at our Knowledge Management roadmap, please check out this post

  • Jatin Khanna

    I totally second your view,  facing similar problems while creating user content.

  • Danila Slezko

    totally agree with this post. Article editor need to improve

  • Bruce Klassen

    It is odd that I have not heard from anyone from Zendesk about this issue. I would definitely like some context and history about this. I am not even sure if anyone from Zendesk is reading these comments. Odd that this is a customer service application that does not seem to have customer service.

  • Ryan Boyer

    I totally agree with this post. +1


    The shortcomings of authoring in Guide are a source of frustration for me, too. I agree it's ineffective for any content that requires anything more complex than very basic formatting. Let's hope for some eyes on this soon!

  • Danila Slezko

    I have the same issues.

    For example quite hard to create tables in a table with text content and images and set all padding and margin.

    After publishing, the content could look not the same as I expected, and need to do some strange thing in the article editor to get the necessary result. Knowledge in HTML helps, but it always borrows a lot of time.

    The biggest issue for me now it explains to other people how to "simply" create this type of content - step by step.

    I totally agree that the article editor should be improved.

  • Stephen


    +1 for improvements to the editor in Guide.

    Recently, I have been spending a lot of time in Confluence - the editor there is far more robust and easy to use. Needing knowledge of HTML / CSS to get things looking decent is not exactly reasonable for every support team.

    Even small additions to the Zendesk Guide editor would be great - make tables easier to modify, allow for adding tabs, emoji's, callouts. I'm not expecting something on the scale of Confluence, but the editor is just so lacking.

    It would be great to see a comment from Zendesk, as to whether there are plans to improve this.


    I've used a lot of different platforms for authoring. Sorry, Zendesk - the Confuence editor is far better than Guide.

    I participated in a listening session earlier this year where more transparency was promised. Guide product manager, would you please share an update on improvements to Guide? Thank you!

  • Onur Olmez

    I share the frustration with other users. Zendesk guide formatting is a painful and is a terrible experience. Couple of examples why:

    • Adding numbering to a text block with images sometimes randomly chooses to stop numbering after a specific image with no rhyme or reason.
    • Adding images to numbered text requires me to indent it so that numbering will continue which is clumsy.

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