Multi tenancy email ticket creation issue.


  • Joshua Newell

    I would like a follow up to know the logic creators have read this scenario and realise the importance this issue is and not have the ticket screened and lost in this feedback system.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary


    There is not a way for an end-user to know that the addresses they are emailing are in 2 Zendesk instances. It is not something that is widely known or can be expected

  • Harrison

    We have this same issue. We have Zendesk for IT and we added Zendesk for our HR department earlier this year. Due to privacy concerns we did what Zendesk recommended and setup HR on a separate tenant. However as is normal in all businesses, HR and IT are often copied together on tickets. 

    While a ticket is created in both tenants, cross communication does not work. If HR replies in their ticket and asks for input from IT we never see the response, Zendesk auto-blocks the email. It doesn't even show as a suspended ticket. I've talked to support about this but we really need the ability to collaborate like we would if IT and HR were shared mailboxes not tied to Zendesk.

    Our HR instance is up for renewal next year and we may evaluate alternative ticketing systems for HR if this is still an issue.

  • Benjamin Kirsch
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey all, thanks for engaging on this thread and providing feedback on this product area. We have logged this feedback for our backlog but we are focused on features to surface outbound email bounce information and the ability for customers to connect their email servers directly to their Support Instance. We will continue to leave this thread open for community comments for more use cases and if anything changes in the future on our end we will update as soon as possible. Thank you again for providing your feedback to us!

  • Sarah Lehmann

    We currently have the same problem.
    Our example:

    There are 4 different stores that are all connected with their own email address in Zendesk.

    A colleague from another department (which does not work in and with Zendesk) has sent an info mail to all 4 stores - only one store has received this info mail.

    So it would have been good if there had been 4 different tickets so that each store received the information. In our case, the other three stores did not receive the important information.


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