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    Géraldine Peyre

    What are we supposed to enter in border? A color? A format? Anything else?

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Geraldine - 

    Typically, you would enter how many pixels thick you wish for the border to be, so it will be a numeric value. 

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    Janet Julian

    Is there any way to format a particular cell (rather than the whole table) aside from diving into the html?  For instance, if I want to provide a background color for a header row or highlight specific rows of a table with a background color?

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    Alexander Popa (Edited )

    Hi Janet! 

    This can be done either by amending the table's cell properties - by accessing the Advanced tab, or by editing the HTML code of the article.

    I hope this helps!

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    Janet Julian

    Thanks Alexander, it did a bit.

    Another question ... when selecting font color it doesn't allow me to pick white.  If I'm using a dark background I like to use a white font.  Is there a way to make it white?




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    Klara Audren

    Hello Janet, 


    You would need to change the font color in the CSS in the advanced tab or acessing the HTML code of the article.

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