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    Nancy Rentmeester

    This is a good article, but are there any best practices on retiring knowledge articles?

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    Apple Sabino

    Hi, Nancy.

    Here in our company articles are written by different levels and support teams, and has one year validity. 5 days before article expires, the tool sends notification to the author/owner that they need re-validate the contents before re-publishing the article or otherwise they need to retire it. Problem is author/owner don't really do that, so we need to chase them. There are instances that author/owner already left the company leaving us with no idea who to contact. That's the time we retire the article, when no one can be contacted to update it.

    We also consider when article has not be updated ever since it was created (more than 2 years). Number of times article was used can also be considered, if article has only few used/views and wasn't updated for quite sometime, we retire the article.

    I hope that helps.

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    Quan Vu

    We've been having an issue on our team trying to create an effective workflow for turning tickets into documentation. We created a simple checkbox ticket field, "Needs documentation", and a view for all tickets with this checked.

    The issue we're having is that we can't always take tickets out of the queue after we've created docs for it. We have limited resources for docs--I'm the only tech writer on the team--so sometimes, tickets will move to 'Closed' status before I'm able to finish docs for it. Once that happens, we can't uncheck the box to remove it from the queue. Do you have any suggestions (besides working more quickly/getting more writers, hah)?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Quan!

    The first thing that sprang to my mind is the Ticket to Help Center app. This app allows you to select any comment in a ticket, edit (if you wish), and post as an article to any section in your Help Center. 

    You could set up a restricted Section for your drafts and send these "future docs" there using the app. Then you can edit them as you have time without worrying about the tickets getting archived before you get to them.

    The only caveat is that this app is not officially supported, so if it breaks at some point you'll need to rely on the Community here or your own developers to fix it. 

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    Quan Vu

    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the feedback! I did just install the Ticket to Help Center app based on one of your comments on another post/article. But thanks for the feedback here, too. Your suggestion would effectively move the documentation queue from the Zendesk Support interface into the Help Center/KB interface, allowing me to update the queue as needed. This may be exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks again!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Terrific! I hope it works well!

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    Stephanie Noack

    How can you easily manage which articles need to be updated when a new version of a feature or UX comes out?  Is tagging the best solution?  If so, what are best practices around tag management?

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Stephanie - 

    Welcome to the Zendesk Community! I've asked our documentation manager if she can weigh in here; hopefully she'll have a moment to jump in soon. 

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Stephanie, 

    Our product is not versioned so we don't really have an issue. We don't have to manage updates to a large number of articles at a time. When there is an update to an existing feature for one of our products, it's usually isolated to an article or a handful of articles, so those articles are easy for us to find.

    I do think your labels idea is a good one. Using labels enables you to group articles that apply to the same version or feature set. Then you can easily create an article list based on a label to find the articles you need to update when the time comes.

    I know that some users add a label with the date the article was last reviewed or they add a label with a future date to review. Then they have an ongoing process to review articles every 3mos or 6mos.

    Maybe some of the other community members out there who deal with this will also weigh in! 

    Hope that helps! 





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    Anthony Inman

    I have been having a problem creating numbered lists in my articles in the Guide. When I create the number list in the editor using the list function the article in the help center reverts to a lettered list instead of a numbered list. How can I fix this issue?

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    Wes Drury

    @Anthony - Can you provide a link to one of your articles that have this issue.

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    Anthony Inman (Edited )


    Here is the link. We are on an intranet, so I am not sure if you will be able to access it. Let me know and I will add screen shots of the code and the article.

    You can see the list under the Cancellation Section. In the editor it shows as a numbered list, but in the published article it comes out as letters. 

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    Hannah McKinney

    @Apple - when you say that your article has expired, do receive a specific notification? Is there a way for Zendesk to alert you when you article is over X years (or months) old?

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    Thanks for useful article 

    Is there any standard for Number of Knowledge Based created for customers?

    What's the frequency of creating articles for customers?

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