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    Jason Howard

    If you permanently delete a ticket forever, does it still factor into the "New Tickets" count in the reporting/analytics? 

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    Stephen Fusco

    Hello Jason, 

    That depends on which report you're looking at. The Reporting Overview does not filter out deleted tickets from its data set, whereas Insights does exclude deleted tickets. Their inclusion in the Reporting Overview can skew the data on reports available here. 

    Insights reports will always have the most accurate information. 

    Thanks for your question! 

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    Mark Vermaat (Edited )

    I go to delete some tickets once in a while and I get this message "We were unable to delete one or more tickets. Please try again later." No matter how long we wait every time we try to permanently delete the ticket we get this message.  What gets me, it is not all tickets...

    Any idea what might be causing this? 

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    Patrick Thompson (Edited )


    We're also having this issue. I spoke with ZenDesk support on Thursday, June 1 and they said:

    "our Development team are already working hard to resolve this, your report really helps us understand the scope of the problem. I will go ahead and mark this ticket as an incident related to the original problem so that you will receive an update once the issue is resolved."

    Hopefully they have it resolved soon. 

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    Mark Vermaat

    Thanks for that note Patrick.

    I will be submitting a case for this as well.   At least I am now aware it is not just us. :)


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing that information, Patrick!

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    C Jonathan Archer


    About permanently deleting tickets, in the policies you outline that backup data is stored?

    If a ticket was backed up and then is permanently deleted, it would still exist in a backup for some amount of time.

    What is the backup overwrite period, where a permanently deleted ticket is completely gone? Or will there always be a copy in the backups?

    This is not a question about if you let the end user recover it, but if the data is still stored somewhere by Zendesk

    Thank you.



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    Patrick Bosmans

    Hello C Jonathan,

    We work to secure and accurately reflect our Customer data and their accounts.  While we do backup accounts in order to adhere to GDPR, we also have a strict Data Deletion Policy which you can view here,

    While we cannot openly speak to the frequency of our backup process, nor where those host sites are, we can say that our systems actively reflects the current state of your accounts.

    Deleted tickets are held for 30 days within accounts to allow for recovery. After 30 days they are permanently removed from the account and that is reflected across our system.

    I hope this helps in part answer your question.

    All the Best,

    Patrick Bosmans | Customer Advocate | Tier-1

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