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    Peter Lynch

    FYI - the template formatting is messed up for: "Add sorting for subscription types in the My Activities Following"


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    Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for the heads-up, Peter! I'll send this over to our Documentation team. 

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    Corrin Duque

    I tested this in our Sandbox and the CC appears in two places on the Request page. In addition, the CC is off to the left of the comment box.  Is there a way to get the CC to show up only once?  See screen prints:

    Appears only to left when clicking into a request.

    appears both on Left and above comment once I click into the comment field.

    I tested this on our live Help Center and the appearance and double CC is the same as in our Sandbox as seen in the above screen prints.

    Any way to have the CC show up only once (preferably above the comment instead of to the left as seen on submit a request form)?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Corrin! I'm going to see if I can find somebody to look over this with you.

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    Corrin Duque

    Thanks Jessica!  That would be great!

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    Michael Streeter

    I have added {{related_articles}} and ⁠⁠⁠{{recent_activity}} helpers to my article page. One displays a list with a h2 tag and the other displays a list with a h3 tag!

    Also my {{recent_activity}} is showing just a '0' instead of '0 comments' I'd like to change that too.

    Can I get to these templates and alter one of them so the headings are both the same size?


    Can I get to these templates and alter one of them so the headings are both the same size and the comment count has extra text?



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    Hi Michael- 

    By design the various helpers and objects of Curlybars have different default formatting, they are not related to each other but instead intended to provide different customization opportunities. However Help Center is highly customizable and it is possible to customize the CSS or implement JS/jQuery to change the default behavior. The recent activity formatting, for example, has its own section of CSS that can be easily customized directly within Help Center: 

    The Related articles helper has less options but is also customizable within the CSS: 

    This can however vary depending on the theme you're using the Help Center therefore it is recommended to use your browser's developer tools to locate the CSS class for the various Helpers. In regards to the 0 in the recent activity helper, this count is associated to the number of comments on an article, however it should hide itself if the comment count is 0. Therefore,  I'd recommend submitting a ticket to including your code and the page it's added to in your Help Center and we'd be happy to take a look into this behavior. 

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    Brenden Prazner

    Hey.This is awesome! Is there plans to make Instant Search available via the search API?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Brenden!

    Instant Search is really just a visual/UI type of feature; It's returning the same results you'd get in a regular search; it just surfaces them without needing to click "Search". That being the case, the regular search endpoints should get you the information you need. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, in which case please let me know!

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    Hey don't know if any one has any ideas, or if this is the place to ask (sorry newbie question!):

    Is it possible to use Curlybars to display a block of HTML depending on the language the user is currently on? So for example, in the Homepage template, I'd only like to show a block of HTML if the user is visiting the page in English, all other languages, don't show the block of HTML.

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    Eura Szuwalski

    I've found that the customizing page templates for specific categories, sections or articles is really helpful. However, I'd like to customize all articles within one category with the same content. Is that possible?   Or do I have to use the "is helper" and list every article's id on the article template page? 

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    Jacob J Christensen


    You can use Dynamic Content to insert html into the Help Center.


    Are you trying to have different article templates depending on the Category they belong to? It's way out of my skill level, but an interesting use case, hope someone here can give a real answer.

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    Kevin Lamenzo (Edited )


    Currently working on the same problem: multiple categories I'd like to put into different groups of styles. I tried listing out their IDs on the category template using the #is helper, but I can only get this to work for a single ID.

    I also tried nesting #is helpers, building an array of helpers and using #each and #is, and trying to combine #is helpers and parameters with OR and AND statements, but I couldn't get anything to work.

    Zooming out, the idea is to have a one off landing page for a special theme of articles that share a specific style, and then to have another one off category that serves as a news/updates page, also with a separate style.

    Appreciate any advice and/or solutions.


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