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    Clement Tang


    I would like to know is there any plan to expand the countries of supported inbound numbers?

    We're in Taiwan and would love to tryout ZenDesk Voice if you provide numbers here.

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    Anna Li

    Hi I did not find China Mainland in the country list. Does it mean I CAN NOT add a Mainland number to Zendesk Voice now?

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    Clement Tang (Edited )

    @Anna Li

    From what I understand, yes.. you can't have a China number if it's not on the list. If your customer is outside of China then it's not a problem.

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    Matthieu ETIENNE


    I wondering,when selecting a phone number for a Talk channel in the UK, the Local phone nº charges for the end-users is the same on the whole UK territory?

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    I would like to know if there is any plan for Hungary and Romania?

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    Marcelo Barrese

    Hi! is there any plan to add Argentina and Chile to the countries list?

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    Hi there, I don't have the function to "Add an external number" How can I change the Caller ID?

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    Caroline Kello

    Hey Oliver, 

    Please note that External numbers for outbound calls is a feature only available on the Talk Professional and Enterprise plans. 

    Thanks, Caroline 

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