About the Premium Sandbox (Enterprise add-on)

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  • Chris Tout

    Wondering why this is a separate product, and not just the "standard".  Surely, everyone wants to test against a true representation of their instance?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Chris,

    Sandbox users do have the ability to test with settings similar to their Production site, however, unless you have the add-on you would need to manually configure this through the agent interface or the Rest API.

    There are some cases where customers will use their Sandbox account to test account features without affecting their Production site. Therefore duplicating account settings may not be necessary in that scenario.

    I understand the need for having this process automated but unfortunately this is only available with the Premium Sandbox add-on. If you're interested in having this feature available on the standard sandbox I would encourage you add your feedback to our Support Product Feedback forum for our Product Managers to review.

    Appreciate you taking the time to share this with us!

  • Fernando

    This add-on feels more like it should be a standard feature or included at least on top tiers. Does these sandbox options allow to move instance from sandbox to production? 

  • Paul Stevenson

    In todays world, ALL major providers provide a sandbox comprehensively, how you guys have not done this yet is beyond me.

    We are having to look at other alternatives or build one if Zendesk don't get their act together. This fact alone could be leading many organisations to drop this service.

    I find this utterly disappointing as a developer and its causing major issues with our system and your integration.

    Hopefully Zendesk will sort this out before they start to loose a lot of customers. 

  • Agree with Paul, this should be standard, especially given how much we already pay for our Enterprise Agent licenses. Pricing model from Zendesk actually forces people to look at alternatives and we will be doing exactly that next year. 

  • Cloud Strife

    How much does this cost? I can't find pricing anywhere! There's no way I'll talk with a Sales Rep either. 

  • James Molina

    What about Conditions within Forms?  How are those replicated/ copied from production to sandbox?

  • Russell Dunn

    Not having this feature as standard stimys belief really. But then Zendesk know it would be useful, so charge for it. Simples.

  • Jared Sloan

    Unfortunate that even a one-time copy of these settings requires a complete service level upgrade. There isn't even an individual price.  I DO think that this should be standard but I'm even willing to pay for it once, if needed.  I'm NOT willing to pay a significant increase to an ongoing fee for this, especially if all I need is the settings to be copied once.  What I want doesn't seem to be an option. Subscription pricing equals a poor customer experience in this situation. 

  • Lanny Watkins

    Is it possible to update a sandbox instance with production settings? I know it says that changes in production don't passively get synced into the sandbox instance, but is it possible to trigger this manually?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Lanny,

    There's no manual button that will allow for you to sync the data from your production account to the Sandbox account. This is a one time sync only that occurs when you create your Sandbox account.

    The only other option you would have would be to use the Rest API along with a script to create those settings in your Sandbox account.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!


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