Getting started with custom metrics and attributes

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  • Spencer Hutton

    I have dozens of calculated metrics and attributes.  Is there a way to group these in a way that makes managing them easier?  For example, all of my calculated metrics are visible when I click Add then expand the group "Calculated Metrics".  Is there a way to have my own groupings to organize my calculated metrics and attributes better as opposed to having them all in one large grouping?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Spencer, there isn't currently a way of doing what you need, but I agree that having a way of grouping custom metrics and attributes is a great idea. This would be a good request for our feedback forum at where it will get visibility from the product team and other customers can vote on it. Thanks!

  • Spencer Hutton

    Thanks Rob.  And thanks for all you do for the community.


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