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  • Craig Atkinson

    It would be great to be able to merge Leads and Contacts. We have this problem consistently as we have an integration with our ERP and accounts get created via our website or ERP, and then synced into the CRM. This often duplicates contacts that were based upon the initial lead and the work somebody put into that lead.


    Is this on your development roadmap?

  • Laura Hippert
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Craig! 

    While there are no plans to have a feature that will allow you to merge a Lead with a Contact, the workaround would be to convert your existing Lead to a Contact and you can then merge the two Contacts. It is not possible to convert a Contact back to a Lead status. 

  • Steven Marchessault

    Great articles @...

    Quick question on this part: "If the records you've merged had different values in the same data field, Sell automatically creates a custom field to store this data. None of your data is deleted. For example, if the email field contained different values, Sell creates a new custom field called Email#1 and preserves the data."

    We are finding it very cumbersome to remove those fields after completing the merge. Is it possible to opt out of this, like you can with the CSV Import (below)? 


    1. Update only empty Sell fields with data from the import file. Use this option to put data from your import file into existing empty fields, and will not overwrite any fields that currently have a value. 
    2. Update all existing Sell data with new data from the import file. Use this option to overwrite all field values whether empty or not with the data from your import file. 
    3. Automatically create a custom field to retain both values. Use this option to create a new custom fields (usually called Address) or you'll see an additional option if you are importing leads, which you will not see when importing contacts or deals


  • Sara Archer

    Can I do this programmatically? Might be helpful to include details/links on this if so.

  • Sharie Salilaguia
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Sara,

    Sell programmatically merges stuff when importing and converting Leads to Contacts using the Deduplication Rules - by default, it is name/company name + email or phone. The checking and merging are done according to the deduplication rules set for your account in the Settings > Duplicate Management. If you'd like to get to know more about how to set and customize these rules please take a look at this article: These rules also apply to Leads and Contacts added during a mass Import to your account.

    Sharie Salilaguia
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell

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    (Mo-Fr, 8am-5pm, Pacific Time)

  • Zak Wilkowski

    When merging leads/contacts, are both Lead Properties and Communication (recorded calls, emails etc.) copied over to the new lead/contact? 

  • Dion Literato

    Hi Zak,

    Yes, all lead properties and communications will be copied over to the new lead or contact after merging.



  • Ivan

    As you say: Sell creates a new custom field called Email#1. But can I then search by this new custom field? I tried to find contacts with some email and requested[Email#1]=some_email, but it show me all data. 


    I forgot about url encoding. When I request

    all works fine!

  • Dion Literato

    Hi Ivan,

    The following custom field types are supported for filtering using the Core API: Single Line Text, Number, Dropdown or Multi-Select

    You may use the Search API to search/filter for email type custom fields but this requires you to have Sell's Elite Plan.

    Hope this helps!




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