Using the Chat dashboard with the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Josh

    Why would the visitor list be removed? That is functionality we relied on.

  • Cyndi Bass

    Any chance for following items to be carried over to the agent workspace soon? Or a place I can submit a feature request for these?
    End user browser info
    Other agents available online
    Sending transcript of chat to end user

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Josh, 

    Visitor list has gone through a change because we wanted customers to move to agent workspace for serving chats, we also positioned agent workspace for customers mainly with reactive support use case rather than a proactive chat use case. We understand the benefits that the visitor list brings for our customers but it's a limitation in agent workspace for now. 

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Cyndi, 

    All three listed items are part of our backlog, end-user info, and sending transcript are still part of the H2 plan. Agents status is still not prioritized for this year. 

  • Josh

    Is the visitor list going to come back or?

  • Josh Dickinson

    Please can you confirm if the visitor list will be making a return? This was a very valuable feature and a useful tool to help reduce the dreaded churn! 

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Josh,
    We're still under evaluation, we'll not bring the visitor list functionality in totality on agent workspace but a set of use cases will be addressed by the different initiatives and features. For example following visitor list features will be addressed by the separate products 
    a) Explore product in future will let admin see the current work assignment for all the agents 

    b) Omnichannel queue will bring the visibility on the chats that are not yet picked by an agent 

  • Jamie Noell

    Our team leads need to be able to monitor live chats from a QA perspective and offer real-time feedback to newer agents.  The visitor list allowed for that easy visibility.  


    We ended up creating a view in Support to show Active chats so that our team leaders could have a "dashboard."

  • Adam Hanna

    Is there any update on what Cyndi said above, especially regarding more in depth user info? Having aspects such as browser, IP, device, etc are integral for many of our account maintenance processes for security reasons

  • ApnaTime Inc

    Arpan Nagdeve

    We want to pass some user info to show in agent workspace. this will make our agents life easy in identifying the customer type.

    How this can be done?

    PS we are using webwidget

  • Phil Gray

    We recently enabled Agent Workspace primarily for the better integration that it offered between Chat and Zendesk Support.

    But the changes it has made to the visitor list has meant that we're not able to manually initiate chats with our visitors on a proactive basis.

    The current situation forces us to make a lose/lose decision about the Chat product: we either lose the integration between Chat and Support that AW provides, or we lose the ability to initiate proactive chats.

    Is there any plan to address this by delivering a solution to manually initiate a chat with a website visitor while agent workspace is enabled?

    Arpan Nagdeve?


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