Creating and using automated task actions in Sell

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  • Ie

    Is there a way to update non-custom fields and/or automated actions that use updating a field as a trigger? Thank you!

  • Sharie Salilaguia

    Hi Ie,

    If you're looking to update custom fields within Sell automatically this can be done via Sell's API, you may refer to this documentation for Sell's API Custom Fields: Also, please note that at this time, our API only supports updating any value to an existing custom field.

    I hope this helps!

  • Anthony Mondia

    Can we create an automated action based on a record update not just creation? We have integrations that are updating records with data, and then we have to manually filter and apply actions to on a regular basis. For example:

    1. Contact is updated by marketing software

    2. Update creates task to call contact

  • Ie

    Hi @..., I'm specifically looking for automated actions for default / non-custom / native fields. Here are sample scenarios:

    • A sales rep manages deals in multiple countries, with varying currencies. He wants to switch from deal to deal, and country to country without having to correct the currency field. Is there a way to automate this?
    • A sales manager wants to update the Estimated Close Date in a deal to match the actual close date if a deal is closed won. Is there a way to automate this?

    Thank you!

  • Dion Literato
    Zendesk Customer Care


    Other than record creation, the only other trigger that we have available is a deal's stage being updated. If you want other triggers then you'll need to build them via the API. As for the other questions, we're afraid that there's no way to automate currency updates. You may try via API but we do not support this natively.

    Hope this helps!



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