Customizing the appearance of your chat widget

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  • Radu Conopan

    After the Trial expires, the chat badge automatically turns ON and you don't have the possibility to turn it OFF. I didn't realize that until I've accessed the website on desktop.

    Not cool. I had to remove the widget.

  • Fredrik Olsson

    The Chat badge in the zendesk chat --> Manage widget-->  appereance option needs to be set to off too have the "chat badge" minimized.

    Not very selfexplaining and or explained by Zendesk FAQ that the Chat still is active on the page while the chat badge is off

  • René Boettger

    Hello Frederik, Thanks for pointing it out. Basically, the 'Chat badge' is just a cosmetic feature of our Chat widget. When the 'Chat badge' is turned off, it does not mean that the 'Chat Widget' itself has been deactivated. So instead of the larger 'Chat badge', you will just see the smaller 'Chat button'.



  • Maky


    Where can I found some information/documentation for Web Widget Chat with multibrand istanze? (No Zopim)

    I have a Zendesk Suite account with Web Widget chat and dashboard chat on istanze.

    We need to use different widgets that the dashboard default widget has. Each widget is created on link with this configuration:

    Using API I need to configurate the badge and this isn't open:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        window.zESettings = {
        webWidget: {
                launcher: {
                    chatLabel: {'*': 'Customer Care'},
                    badge: {
                        label: {'*': 'Chat with us'},
                        image: '',
                        layout: 'image_right',
                chat: {
                     departments: {
                      enabled: [],
                      select: 'Brand test'
                     title: {
                     '*': 'Chat Test',

    Everything works except the badge.

    Any advice?



  • arrvind

    I'm looking to change the Pencil icon that appears in chat widget,

    How can i do that?

    Please refer the image below, this is the one i want to change

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Francis Clement Casiño
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! I'm checking on the image that you mentioned however I am not seeing anything on the attachment. Could you please send it so that I can check?
  • Jonathan Emmett

    Is there anyway customize the chat widget on the fly?  We may use this for multiple clients and would need to brand based on that client.  Can I just send a json file with configuration, if so where can I find that information? 

  • Francis Clement Casiño
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jonathan,
    I'm afraid that the changes you want to do is already out of our support scope since that is a custom coding.

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