Multibrand: Displaying the appropriate forms on the correct Help Center

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  • Justin Federico

    We have 2 brands with a help center for each brand. We have a particular ticket form that is associated with both brands and we can see this form in both help centers.

    Brand 1 HC

    • Form 1
    • Form 2

    Brand 2 HC

    • Form 2

    From the Brand 1 HC, the user can create a ticket on Form 1 or 2. When using Form 2, the user can not see the resulting ticket in My Activities. Form 2 is associated with both brands in the ticket form settings. The ticket itself can only be associated with one brand.

    Is there a way to make tickets using Form 2 visible in My Activities on the Brand 1 HC? 

  • Jake Bantz
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Justin!

    Can you make sure you don't have a trigger that is automatically assigning the brand for that form? If the brand changes in Support, that will control which brand where that ticket is available to the end-user.

    If you remove the condition in the trigger that is setting the brand, the ticket will instead maintain the brand it inherits from that brand's Help Center.

  • Justin Federico

    Jake Bantz

    You are right! When using Form 2 the brand does change (trigger) from the default brand so the user will not see the ticket in their activities unless they go to the HC for Brand 2.

    We are working to unify the forms under a single brand and HC so this will likely be a moot point.

    Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Ashley Yau

    Jake Bantz Thanks for sharing. May I know if there's any chance we can change the wording "Please choose your issue below"? Also is it possible to replace it with a dynamic content? Thanks.

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ashley,

    Yes! This string is customizable and Dynamic Content can be used for it. You can go to Admin > Manage > Ticket Forms > End User Instructions to set the text to be displayed.


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