Scheduling dashboards with end users

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  • George Ntatianidis

    Hello there. After adding the user tag 'explore' to the specific user, I don't see it in the list of users that I can choose to share. What might be wrong? 

  • Thibaut Jahan

    Hi George Ntatianidis

    I created a ticket for you so I can take a look directly at your issue. 
    You will receive a notification about it soon. 

  • Raghu Kavi

    Hi Thibaut Jahan

    I also have the same problem. Even though I have added the tag as "Explore" it doesn't allow me to send the reports to share the dashboard.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Raghu,
    As shown in the graphic at the top of the article, this functionality requires Suite Enterprise or Explore Enterprise. You can check your subscription here: Viewing and managing plan subscriptions
  • vino mahavira

    Hi there,
    My company is using Suite Enterprise plan but we can't share the dashboard to End User. 
    I have been following the instruction but the End User account never show up on sharing tab

  • Tolu Sodeyi


    I'm trying to schedule a delivery/share to an end user and i can't find their names in the list also.

    I have followed the instruction and added the explore tag to their user profile and I have confirmed that my Zendesk is on Enterprise plan and Explore is Legacy


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