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  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello @... & @...,

    Our apologies for the delayed response. Currently, we have no news to announce on this product update being under development at this time. I would strongly recommend sharing your use cases in our product feedback forums so our developers can consider adding this to our roadmap for the future. 

    Best regards. 

  • Vladimir Petrushenko

    I've created a post folks, please upvote those who are interested in this feature


  • Ben Wanless

    @... It appears that when you add multiple metrics of the same type to a Query there is no way to tell them apart in the Excel Export.

    For example, I would like to View both MED(First Response Time) and AVG(First Response Time) on the same query. If I update the Column Name, it changes it for both (Not useful to tell them apart). And I found the Chart Configuration > Chart > Show Aggregators option, but upon Exporting as an Excel file this additional differentiating bit information disappears. (It's weird because the Aggregators show in the CSV Export).

    Did I find a bug or is there something else I should try?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi @..., it's definitely possible you found a bug here so I'm opening a ticket on your behalf so one of our engineers can investigate further. You should hear from someone soon. Thanks!

  • Jorge Hueso (Leafworks)

    I would say the links of this article are broken

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Jorge Hueso (Leafworks), thanks for letting us know! I've corrected the links so that they point to the right articles now.


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