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  • This needs an update @Aimee-Spanier

  • Thomas Anderson

    I'm having trouble getting chats into our Zendesk to route to the departments I've created.

    I've made sure that the organisations to be routed are tagged correctly so each of their associated users should, as I understand it, carry that tag and then activate the trigger (details below).




    The department only contains agents within the CEE group, but at the moment all agents in active chat sessions see ALL chat requests... Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Thomas,
    The org tags will add the tag directly on the tickets that will be created if the requester belongs to that specific org. However, it will not be utilized by the classic chat for triggers.
    Chat triggers utilizes tags that was set by the Set Tag/Add Tag Chat triggers action.

    The easiest way to go about this is to enable Agent Workspace so that you can utilize the org tags on every new tickets and route them to the appropriate groups.
    Another option is to create additional triggers that will route your customers to the appropriate department. You can also utilize the Chat API to add tags to your customers which can then be utilized by the Chat triggers to route them to the correct department. 
    Hope this helps!
  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hello Dane, when it comes to tag is it separated by comma? Can you add multiple tags under the condition:

    Visitor tag>contains>class_a, class_b, class_c

    Is this possible? 

  • Daniel Elizalde

    I have a similar issue although I managed to route tickets correctly to a department and based on skills.

    However, any other agent out of this department can take the chat and maintain a conversation with the user. All our agent's are restricted to their own ticket groups/departments. This appears to work in Support but not in Chat.

    Am I missing something?

  • Raphaël Péguet -


    With shortcuts you can create questions messages with options for the customer as below:

    My question is how to write into the trigger script to be able to send the same kind of messages to the customer because it is not proposed:

    Best regards,


  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hello Team,

    We have API running to tag visitor depending on their VIP Levels which is working perfectly fine but the department routing is NOT WORKING AT ALL. 

    This is the API reference we have used Chat API to add tags to ensure that we will be able to achieve the Visitor Tag and yes, all visitors are now being tagged but for some reason the trigger is not firing at all. If someone from Zendesk can help us please as this is very crucial for us to implement the live chat to all of our customers. 

    Apparently, the customer support team is not very helpful at all in resolving this matter. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jahn,

    It seems that the ticket you have requested is still on-hold is awaiting the result for a recommendation provided. Please continue to work with the Advocate handling the ticket as the issue you currently have cannot be easily resolved with just the information provided on this page.
  • shelley

    We are on AWS - Chat.
    Is it possible to route a chat based on the customers email address?

    e.g. Customer clicks on Chat widget, customer enters name & email address, chat is then directed to chat group/agent that looks after that specific customer.



  • Steven Hampson

    I have the same question as Shelley. We have groups that look after specific clients, but chats are going to the wrong groups. I can't find a way to get it to route based on the email address. We really need help with this please, as it is causing a lot of frustration for our clients and agents, and visitor tag doesn't seem to do it. Thanks, Steven. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    HI Shelley and Steven,
    This recommendation is for the Classic Chat Widget. 

    Natively, it's not possible to route chat tickets based on their email address. However, if you are using Agent Workspace, those users can be added into an organization so that it can be used as a condition on Support triggers to route their created tickets on a specific group. You can also tag those users so that the tags can also be used as a condition for created tickets. 

    One implementation that I have tried previously was to use the Chat API to add tags for specific users so that I can also utilize the Chat Triggers for it. However, this will be done by your dev.
  • Steven Hampson

    Thanks for the reply Dane, that is helpful and good to know. 



  • David Lemarcis


    Since I have the exact same issue than ''Jahn Bronilla'' on November 14, 2022, I'd love to see the reply you provided to him?

    I don't understand what I'm missing to make it work. All visitors are now being tagged with VIP level but for some reason the trigger is not firing.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi David,

    We'll have to investigate the issue to determine what is exactly causing the problem specific to your case. We'll continue to assist you on the support ticket you raised with us.

    We will wait for your reply on the ticket. Kindly check your email for updates. Thanks!

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