Why do solved tickets change to a closed status?

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  • Óskar Ómarsson


    I just wanted to shed some light on how this is affecting our business.

    The cause:

    • Tickets are force closed after 28 days
    • Tickets can't be moved back from closed status
    • Follow-up tickets can't refer to previous message history

    In my opinion Zendesk must do either of the following:

    • Give users control of when tickets are closed OR the ability to move tickets back from closed status


    • Give users ability to create follow-up tickets with copy of the message history.

    I'm actually amazed that this hasn't been fixed properly.

    In our organisation we have groups leaving tickets in either Pending or On-hold status so they can have the ability to have a conversation in the correct context with our customers after 28 days of ticket being solved.

    This obviously limits significantly how we can use statuses, an already rigid and limited system. Both affecting workflow and reporting significantly.


    P.s. workarounds already discovered, neither of them are something I would like to have to depend on in my environment.

    • Misuse pending or on-hold different status
    • After less then 28 days move temporarily from Solved to another status and back to Solved. Can I get a confirmation that this resets the timer and also is there a way for me to see the value of the counter?

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